Best Practice Policy Management Software


  • Effectively manage key policies

  • Obtain policy affirmation and understanding

  • Staff self-management of policies

  • Consistent policy lifecycle

  • Easy to use - Graphically engaging

  • Perform staff knowledge assessments


  • Provide support for disciplinary actions

  • Increase policy participation and adoption

  • Reporting for Auditors and Regulators

  • Quantify staff understanding of policies

  • Target policies to specific groups of users


  • Minimise the effort and cost of policy management

  • Increase staff knowledge of threats, risks and controls

  • Mitigate risk of financial sanction and reputational damage

  • Avoid a one size fits all approach to policies

Policy Management Software

All information assurance frameworks such as ISO 27001 have cyber security policies as their basis. Similarly, all major regulatory oversight requirements begin with writing compliance policies. These policies guide staff and partners on the relationship the organisation has with current legislation and industry regulations.

The MetaCompliance Policy Management software contains all the key elements required to automate, deliver and manage your organisation's policy management life cycle.

Our Key Features include:

  • Consistent method of creating policies
  • Tracking of attestation and responses from staff
  • Determine employee understanding of the policy
  • Target or exempt specific groups of users
  • Obtain real time reporting and adoption of policies across the organisation
  • Allow Third Parties to access corporate policies remotely
  • Automate the policy approval process
  • Ability to have Cloud Based or on-premise implementations of the software
  • Easy to use administration interface

Policy Management

Combining policy management with other key modules of our Integrated User Awareness Management solution provides a very strong method to improving staff awareness. After a policy is communicated to a user regarding a risk or a protocol, the solution can test the user on their understanding and measure the need for additional training.

It is good practice to provide high quality training to the user on their personal obligations contained in the policy. The integrated nature of the Metacompliance software allows management to create a workflow of activities from phishing to policies that will be delivered to the user.

Imagine a single technology environment that would allow cyber security and compliance professionals to routinely manage insider threat mitigation and educate employees.  This was the development vision that guided MetaCompliance to develop a single software platform that provided Policy Management, Knowledge Assessment, eLearning, Incident Management and Simulated Phishing – all from the same management console.

Staff awareness is becoming such a crucial issue for cyber security and compliance effectiveness, so it was important for MetaCompliance to build a common product that reflects the multifaceted requirements that are needed to change corporate culture. For example, a user that failed a number of simulated phishing emails might automatically receive a knowledge assessment. Or alternatively, they are presented with the company’s email policy to remind them of their obligations. What might be an even better idea is to automatically deliver staff with a more thorough and extensive eLearning module on phishing. The purpose of creating these activities is found in the workflow functionality of the Metacompliance software.  All your user awareness requirements can be created, executed, configured and reported on from a “single pane of glass.” MetaCompliance is unique in having the software product to meet our customers’ integrated user awareness management needs.

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