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Why MetaCompliance?

We're proud to say that we are one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe and it's our people that are key to our continued success.

As a young, dynamic company, we pride ourselves on our people being able to grow as we grow. We're looking for the best and brightest to be at the centre of everything we do as a company.

If you're a hard worker, and have a sense of humour to go along with it, then we'd love to hear from you!

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"MetaCompliance attracts people who have passion and energy to invest in our mission of keeping our customers staff, digital assets and reputation safe online".

Robbie O'Brien

Metacompliance CEO

Values and Culture

At MetaCompliance, we work towards the company mission of helping organisations keep themselves, their digital assets and their reputation safe online.

To ensure we achieve this, we identified four company values which are embedded in everything we do.

The culture at MetaCompliance is something that we are very protective of. We have taken time and resources to ensure that MetaCompliance is a great place to work and we make no apologies for stating that we only hire the elite. Elite – the best of the best. If you work at MetaCompliance it is because you are here for a career, not a 9-5.30 job. It is because you are passionate about what you do and you have the ambition to see yourself grow within MetaCompliance. We want to invest in our people and see them grow as we grow as a company. Our values are embedded in everything that we do.

  • Customer first

    At MetaCompliance we strive to put our customer first in everything that we do. We understand that we wouldn’t be able to open our doors in the morning if it wasn’t for our fantastic customers. MetaCompliance customers and their successful security awareness journey with MetaCompliance is our priority. We work hard at building trust, both with our future prospects and existing customers. We have a dedicated support team as well a prestigious customer success team who takes pride in helping our customers. It is expected that every department thinks and acts with the end users experience in mind.

  • We eat our own dogfood

    In our organisation, we believe fully in what we do. We believe our products are the best in the world. Therefore ensure that we use all our software and awareness material in house.

    We also practice what we preach. We conduct our own internal awareness campaigns and ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity and information security threats.

  • Ownership

    We all take responsibility for all tasks assigned to us. No matter how large or small, strategic or tactical - we get the job done.

    There is no micromanagement or hourly check-ups at MetaCompliance. You are given the freedom to manage your own time and work. We all step up and take on roles and responsibilities within projects to ensure that they are delivered within scope and on time. We work within an agile working environment with regular thirty, sixty and ninety day deliverables.

    Everyone is accountable and takes responsibility - no matter how large, complex, demanding or small the task is.

    We understand that things can go wrong, but by taking ownership and learning from a failure, lessons can be learned that help us all to grow.

  • Done is Better than Perfect

    MetaCompliance is a fast-paced environment. We believe in delivering products and services that work for our industry and customers. Everyone has a voice and your ideas are usually put into action. Don’t be surprised if your idea turns into a project that you end up running. MetaCompliance prides themselves in being a creative and innovative company. We understand that the best ideas usually come from our employees.

    Running with an idea is an easy thing to say, but it can often be difficult to put into practice. MetaCompliance will provide you with the resources to deliver on these ideas, whether it’s an internal solution, a product enhancement or a marketing campaign. We believe that done is better than perfect. We know it’s easier to keep perfecting an idea instead of delivering a product to the real world. Here at MetaCompliance we deliver - then we can spend time perfecting.

What we do?

MetaCompliance is a cloud-first global technology company that provide organisations with eLearning, phishing software and IT security awareness programs.

We specialise in:
  • GDPR
  • Phishing
  • Policy Management
  • Ransomware

With a unique blend of innovative software, gamified content and targeted services we help organisations transform workplace culture and stay ahead of the latest threats to organisational security.

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