What were the main issues you faced before implementation of the software?

As a financial services company, our security standards have always been very high to ensure adequate protection of our customer’s information as well as our own. However, as is the case for a lot of similar companies, the human aspect is often the main weakness of our systems and this can pose a risk to information security and increase the risk of cyber-attacks.

What were your primary reasons for purchasing the software?

Simplicity and cost.

Which MetaCompliance products do you currently use and why?

We currently use the phishing and learning modules. Phishing was one of the top threats to information security in 2018 and was therefore one of our key areas of focus in order to improve the security awareness of our staff. The phishing module allows us to shock people by demonstrating how easy it is to get phished, and the learning module allows us to promote good behaviour for identification and reporting of threats.

How did you find implementation of the software and follow up procedure?

The implementation has been very easy and smooth thanks to the high-quality support the MetaCompliance team has provided.

Has the software solved your problem?

Yes, the level of security awareness has improved throughout the company. However, Cybersecurity is an ongoing process and as hackers and threats become more sophisticated, we will continue to educate our teams in order to protect our customers and company assets.

What are the main benefits you have you have noted?

  • An increased reporting of spam and phishing emails
  • An increase in general security awareness beyond the scope of phishing emails
  • A better visibility of the info sec function and processes

Would you recommend MetaCompliance to similar organisations within your particular industry?

Without a doubt. The solution, its content and the MetaCompliance support team makes it a very affordable and efficient product.