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Our library of engaging, high quality cybersecurity and compliance eLearning courses will encourage your employees to complete their training.

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What is MetaLearning

MetaLearning is best practice cybersecurity, data protection and compliance eLearning. The high-quality MetaLearning library is designed to engage users with graphically rich and interactive learning experiences.

Using stories, realistic scenarios and narratives for context, MetaLearning provides gamified eLearning services that are engaging and fun.

Our catalogue of courses come under two categories: Compliance and Nano. Our comprehensive compliance courses are between 10 and 45 minutes long and provide your users with the knowledge and skills they need to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Our graphically rich Nano courses are less than 3 minutes long and provide targeted learning on particular subjects, meaning your users learn through small specific bursts

MetaLearning is customisable to meet your organisation’s branding requirements. Alternatively, our content development team can tailor a unique staff learning experience that matches your organisational culture. In addition, all our courses come in a variety of languages including English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin, French, Polish, Spanish, Dutch and Czech.

Cybersecurity & eLearning Library

Metacompliance combines experience, expert knowledge, and creativity into delivering an innovative eLearning library. Our industry experts work together to deliver effective, engaging content which will impact your workforce and create a measurable change to the compliance culture within your organisation.

Essential Phishing Awareness
Anti-Bribery & Corruption Training (Global)
Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
IT Fundamentals: Internet Security
IT Fundamentals: Password Safety
IT Fundamentals: Secure Remote Working
IT Fundamentals: Email Essentials
IT Fundamentals: Data Handling
Anti-Money Laundering
EU General Data Protection Regulation
GDPR for Personal Data Handlers
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