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Boost Employee Engagement with State-of-the-Art eLearning

We have big news! As the battle against cybercriminals rages on, our creative visionaries have been busy crafting brand new eLearning content designed to thwart their efforts and bring staff participation to new levels.

This month, we are delighted to announce the availability of City Factory Productions™ on the platform. Premium Plus subscribers can now get access to a growing library of highly engaging and impactful video learning content. This new eLearning uses immersive and entertaining narratives to deliver key cyber security messages and is designed to engage those that prefer a more stylistic, story-telling approach.

We believe that offering a variety of learning techniques and giving people the opportunity to learn in different ways will further cement the lessons in their minds, and increase the overall effectiveness of your organisation’s training program.

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eLearning Library Updates

Avoid Employee Fatigue with New Cyber Security Essentials Training

Unfortunately, cyber security awareness training isn’t a one and done task. Employees need consistent and effective reminders of the real threats cyber criminals pose to an organisation. As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen employees’ defences against attack, we’re releasing three new nanos from the latest Cyber Security Essentials series. The titles include “Spotting A Phish – The Essentials”, “Internet Security – The Essentials”, and “Clear Desk – The Essentials”.
Stay protected from cyber attacks by encouraging employees to pay more attention to these cyber security tips and best practices.

Seasonal Phish T

Phishing Templates for This Time of Year

The sophisticated techniques used by cyber criminals today ensures that phishing continues to reign as one of the most successful cyber security attacks on an organisation. An employee that falls for a phishing attack presents a high risk. To cultivate secure habits and encourage employees to identify the tell-tale signs, we’ve added new phish templates based on current events and imitating popular brands. They cover National Coffee Day, Cyber Security Awareness Month, Lidl Group and Microsoft Failed Messages.

Include them in your next awareness campaign to identify who will take the bait!

Password series

Localised Learning for a Broader Reach

If your cyber security awareness training program is targeted at employees from different parts of the world, having localised content can encourage them to engage with the material, retain it better, and apply it to their work processes. To ensure that your employees are being empowered with the same knowledge and to maintain the effectiveness of your cyber awareness programs, we’ve translated our How Passwords are Compromised series into 15 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The series educates employees on the ways in which weak passwords pose a top security risk and how best to protect them from attack.

What's New in MyCompliance?

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Coming Soon – MetaLearning 6.0 – Upcoming Changes

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Can Users Add Their ‘Preferred Language’ To MyCompliance?

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How to Display Subtitles Automatically within Fusion Courses.

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Translate Video Titles in Fusion Courses with ‘Translated Name’ Option

Free Resources

CSAM Newsletter

Show Your Support for Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness month, a whole month dedicated to raising awareness of key cyber threats and how employees and customers can better protect themselves online. This year’s theme is “See yourself in cyber”, which aims to highlight the ‘people’ aspect of cyber security, and the basic steps we can take as individuals or consumers to protect our online information and privacy. To show our support, we’ve launched a series of downloadable posters and screensavers that you can use in your organisation to participate and support Cyber Security Awareness Month. We encourage you to get involved!

Upcoming Webcasts

webcast 1

Cyber Anthropology: Humanising Cyber Security

25/08/22 15:00 BST

Humans are central to cyber security. Not only are we the target – but we’re the solution – and the problem.

Join us for our upcoming webcast, titled ‘Cyber Anthropology: Humanising Cyber Security’ with Cyber Anthropologist, Lianne Potter. This webcast explores why humans are the greatest security vulnerability and how organisations can shift security culture to reduce human risk.

Did You Know?

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Add Optional Policies That Don’t Need Employee Sign-Off

Not all policies are mandatory or applicable to everyone within the organisation. If you have optional content to share such as general guidelines, the platform can be used as a depository for such information, and end-users have the option of viewing the policy through their compliance library.

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What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano and Why.

“Types of Smishing” opened my eyes to an attack that is very prominent in today’s society. Before joining MetaCompliance, it was a word I had never heard of. This nano educated me on the topic and now not only do I know what it is, but I am much more vigilant when I receive these types of messages.


Caomhan Deery

CX Onboarding Lead

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