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Starting a company-wide security awareness campaign can be challenging. Identifying what training needs to be delivered, who needs to be trained and employee engagement are all common obstacles that organisations face when it comes to launching a cyber security program.  

Through our experience of developing and implementing staff awareness programs over the past ten years, we’ve recognised that a blended approach to staff awareness is necessary. 

With regulators and auditors seeking evidence of your awareness activities, the key is to simply get started. A high tech solution is not always necessary with tactics such as posters proving to be extremely effective and easy to produce. Staff awareness campaigns need not be time consuming and complicated. 

With security being everyone’s responsibility, our cyber security starter kit aims to provide you with the resources you need to increase user awareness and compliance within your organisation.

Security is a People Problem 

Although technology is beneficial, security is a people problem and individuals are often the weakest link in the security chain, making them a key target for cyber crime. In fact, 90% of successful hacks and security breaches have been the result of a phishing email. These are designed to lure the recipient to visit a link, download an attachment or expose their details. Training your staff with the information required to recognise and react to cyber treats may protect your organisation from becoming the latest victim hitting the headlines due to a major data breach. 

Why Do I Need a Cyber Security Starter Kit? 

The threat of cybercrime has never been higher and cybercriminal activity continues to be one of the biggest threats facing both people and businesses, today. Cyber attacks are continuing to increase in size, sophistication and cost.  

As organisations become more dependent on digital data, cloud computing and IoT devices, security breaches have gained widespread attention. Almost 31 million records were exposed in the 13 biggest data beaches in the first half of 2019, according to the Identity Theft Resource Centre

What Is Included in the Cyber Security Starter Kit? 

Implementing a cyber security program has never been easier with our resource pack, which has been developed to help employees at all levels stay alert and secure. 

We’ve gathered a wealth of resources from posters and policies, to ultimate guides and case studies to help you enhance cyber security within your organisation and foster a cyber security mindset amongst staff. 

Setting Your Organisation Up for Cyber Security Success 

Hackers are always one step ahead which is why it is vital to have a proactive approach to cyber security threats. Our belief is that prevention is better than cure and arming your workforce with a cyber security awareness program will teach staff to  

  • work more effectively 
  • meet compliance requirements 
  • understand cyber security risks  
  • familiarise themselves with threats and vulnerabilities  

Our free awareness assets will help you kick start your awareness program and set your organisation up for cyber security success. Click here to access your awareness assets now.

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