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GDPR for Dummies – 5 Reasons to Download


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We’ve recently released the official GDPR for Dummies guide, in collaboration with Wiley – the brand best known for their Dummies series. Here are 5 reasons why you need the GDPR for Dummies guide in your life.

1. GDPR compliance expertise

GDPR for Dummies – 5 Reasons to Download

With over a decade’s experience working with clients across multiple industries to protect their data, educate staff and manage reputational and regulatory risks, we are ideally positioned to offer advice and solutions on managing privacy and achieving GDPR compliance.

Alongside this we have enlisted some of the finest minds in the privacy sector to help us put together this simplified approach to GDPR. There is no getting away from it, the new GDPR regulation can be dense, it can be daunting and it can be straight up petrifying just knowing where to start. That’s why we thought we would enlist the help of Wiley, the official Dummies brand, to help us drill down to the core of GDPR and display it in layman’s terms that everyone can understand.

2. Provides a grounding for your organisations GDPR compliance

GDPR for Dummies – 5 Reasons to Download

As well as helping you understand GDPR terminology and legalese, procedures and processes, in an easy to understand fashion, the book outlines ten things that you can do immediately to prepare for GDPR. The new regulation can be overwhelming so we give you ten things that you can do right now to get your GDPR preparation underway.

3. Management programme

GDPR for Dummies – 5 Reasons to Download

Although a Privacy Management Programme (PMP) isn’t strictly required under the new GDPR, it does simplify and streamline your GDPR compliance process. The GDPR for Dummies guide gives you detailed and straightforward information on how to put a PMP into place. The book also details how a PMP can drive efficiency, improve accuracy and ultimately enhance GDPR compliance. It does this by helping you define a PMP, providing information on how to embed corporate privacy behaviours and helping you understand the key roles defined by the GDPR.

It also goes on to explain how your role in creating a PMP will differ based upon your specific role within the company and how significant your role will be in regards to achieving GDPR compliance.

4. GDPR best practices

GDPR for Dummies – 5 Reasons to Download

Getting to grips with the data privacy lifecycle is of the upmost importance in terms of your GDPR success. The GDPR for Dummies guide walks you through the three phases of the lifecycle in fine and understandable detail including:

· The prepare phase: Scoping and assessment

· The operate phase: Data management

· The maintain phase: Reporting and accountability.

Data privacy is a process that involves the incorporation of people, processes and technology. There are various best practices that can be incorporated covering people, processes and technology and the GDPR for Dummies guide covers these in detail. The book enables you to thoughtfully interact with your respective team(s) that will be tasked with managing GDPR compliance for your area of responsibility.

5. GDPR compliance maintenance

GDPR for Dummies – 5 Reasons to Download

Achieving GDPR compliance takes a great deal of work. However, maintaining GDPR compliance could arguably prove more difficult. GDPR for Dummies not only gives you a roadmap on how to achieve GDPR compliance, but it also gives you the information you need to remain GDPR compliant well beyond the introduction of the new regulation.

At the heart of maintenance lies accountability, which is at the cornerstone of the GDPR overall. The ability to demonstrate ongoing accountability requires forward planning and the assessment of GDPR metrics, all of which are detailed in our GDPR for Dummies guide.

GDPR for Dummies is ideal if you are just starting out with your GDPR plan, or if you need a quick refresher, this book will break down even the most complex elements of GDPR into easily understandable terms. Download your free copy now here.

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