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GDPR for Dummies: The Roadshow

GDPR for Dummies: The Roadshow

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In an age of uncertainty, the one certainty for 2018 is the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to assist organisations with their GDPR project, by taking a ‘business first’ approach, the team at MetaCompliance are having an executive briefing on GDPR in key European cities including London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin and Geneva.

You may be looking to kickstart your privacy project or looking for ways to ramp up your existing programs, whatever the reason these breakfast briefings are designed to provide you with practical advice and guidance for your GDPR project.

Focusing on the realities of implementing GDPR, these briefings will expand on our team’s field experience gained from multiple GDPR projects.

In addition, the co-author of the official GDPR for Dummies guide, Shane Fuller, will be on hand at these events to answer your business related GDPR questions. As a bonus, attendees will receive a physical copy of the GDPR for Dummies book.

You can sign up for the FREE GDPR for Dummies breakfast briefing here now.

GDPR for Dummies – Why it Matters

If you sign up for the event you will get a physical copy of the official GDPR for Dummies guide, which we created with Wiley – the brand best known for their Dummies series. With GDPR for Dummies you will get:
– GDPR compliance expertise
– The grounding for your organisations GDPR compliance
– A GDPR management program
– GDPR best practices
– GDPR compliance maintenance

You can find out more about our GDPR for Dummies guide here, and how to download it if you prefer a digital copy.

With GDPR only a few months away you may be in the middle of GDPR mayhem. There is no doubting that achieving GDPR compliance takes a great deal of work. With our GDPR for Dummies breakfast briefings you will gain the knowledge you need to become and remain GDPR compliant, with even the most complex elements of GDPR simplified into actionable takeaways.

Don’t delay, our free GDPR for Dummies breakfast briefings are extremely limited, so sign up here now.

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