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We know how difficult it can be to create interesting training and educate your staff monthly, so our Operations Team are on hand to help assist you tailor, brand and communicate this training to your staff. 

Our experienced Educational Specialists have been working closely with our customers, first listening to the requirements & pain points within organisations and then creating eLearning specific to their requirements. The process is quite simple.

1. Customised Intro Video

Our Creative Team will create a branded Intro video, with a message of your choice. This will be available at the beginning of each eLearning course to help introduce the course to your end users. You also have the choice of a voiceover artist & character within the video. Our Education Specialists will work with you directly to refine these options and add the Intro Video to your environment once ready.

2. Tailored eLearning topics in line with your training requirement

We understand that every organisation’s training requirements are different. Our Education Specialists will assist you in choosing the correct content for your organisation, and with a library of over 200 topics and elements, we will guide you on which elements will best suit your needs. The course will be completely tailored to your requirements, allowing you to choose how many Nano videos to play, the number of interactions to include and the number of questions to ask your end users throughout the course.

tailored elearning

3. Customised Quiz

We will help you to ask the right questions to your end users. These can be tailored to your organisations processes & procedures, ensuring that all staff are informed on best practice. If the end user successfully completes the quiz, they will be automatically presented with a Certificate to keep for their records.

4. Pilot with a select group of users

Making sure you have the right video and the most suitable questions can be vital, so our team will set up your course and target this to your selected Pilot User group. This way you can review the course as an end user and make any required changes before going live to your full user base.

staff training

5. Go live to all Staff

Once you have successfully reviewed the course and have given the green light to go live with the Course to your selected users, our Educational Specialists will complete this for you. We will take you through the entire process ensuring you can publish your next course just as easily.

And there you have it, your tailored, branded and assisted course is now available to your end users. Why not contact the MetaCompliance Provisioning Team to create your next course today!

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