OCEG Policy Management Illustrated


OCEG Policy Management Illustrated


Developing Meaningful Policy Management

Policies are the cornerstone of compliance in all organisations as they establish boundaries of behaviour for individuals and create a code of conduct for compliance. 

Organisations today face the challenge of managing hundreds or even thousands of policies in a climate of rapidly changing compliance requirements and evolving business objectives and strategies.

Policy Management Illustrated provides a guide to designing, implementing and running a fully integrated policy management program. It is useful for organisations of all types and sizes, no matter the current maturity in their policy management program.

Incorporating articles, illustrations and round table discussions, this eBook will help to:

  • Build a strong business case for policy management strategy
  • Prepare for policy management change
  • Outline the core elements of effective policy management
  • Monitor for change that impacts policy
  • Build a communication and awareness plan on policies
  • Implement and enforce policy compliance

OCEG is a global, nonprofit think tank and community of more than 85,00 members, dedicated to helping organisations reliably achieve their objectives, while managing uncertainty and acting with integrity.

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