Angus Council

A Proactive Approach to Prevent Phishing Attacks
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As with many local governmental institutions, Angus Council became aware of the rising problem of cyber-attacks against local councils. No longer are cyber-attacks confined to the private sector, but they have also become a real threat to the public sector. Angus Council knew they needed to avoid these threats if they wanted to meet their aim of delivering for the community.


In the past, it was enough for the IT department to be tasked with staying ahead of cyber risks. However, in modern times Angus Council realised that this was no longer sufficient. They required council wide security awareness to be put in place.
Angus Council realised that there was a lack of staff awareness of cyber threats and dangers, especially in relation to email correspondence and cyber security in general. Prior to the research phase they had been underestimating the “human factor” of employee behaviour in cyber risk.


After extensive research, Angus Council selected leading cyber security and compliance company MetaCompliance for their MetaPhish solution. Angus Council found MetaPhish to be cost effective and MetaCompliance to be very approachable when it came to offering them a solution. MetaCompliance were more than willing to visit Angus Council on site to discuss needs, demonstrate exactly how they could fulfill those needs and offered a free demonstration test which resulted in eye opening results for the council. The implementation of MetaPhish was delivered via the cloud meaning that Angus Council were able to have the solution up and running in a few short hours. The cloud offering proved to be the best solution as it was simple to install and meant for hassle free maintenance and upgrades.


Angus Council has run three separate simulated phishing campaigns on their staff and has already noticed a tangible change to cyber security safety and culture.

This helped them to raise a benchmark for staff to work towards in terms of cyber security awareness. MetaPhish played a key part in this with its phishing eLearning modules.

These are graphically rich learning experiences designed to engage users and increase their own and Angus Council’s overall security posture.

A major benefit has been how easy the system is to use, which allows them to easily track who has clicked on the phishing link. The phishing simulations can be tailored by department, to specific employees, or organisation wide.

With MetaPhish, Angus Council has an in-house system that they can control, monitor and tailor to suit their specific needs as a local council. The flexibility afforded by the solution allows them to choose when they want to create a phishing campaign and who specifically they wish to target within their organisation.

Angus Council found the navigation intuitive and easy to use even for those with a non-IT background. They have found the MetaCompliance support team has been readily available when they need it with prompt replies and advice to any questions they have.

Create Tailored Cyber Security and Privacy Training

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