Creating a Cyber Resilient Culture
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As the business world navigates the ups and downs of today’s economy, it is critical that organisations communicate the prevalence of security threats and the need to ensure Cyber Security awareness at all levels.  

PHMG, the world’s leading audio branding agency recognised the need to educate, and empower employees to change their Cyber Security behaviours and protect the company from potential risk.

A Proactive Approach to Awareness 

Partnering with MetaCompliance, PHMG aimed to improve employees’ Cyber Security awareness and take a proactive approach to security and compliance challenges. 

Previously, PHMG had no formal Cyber Security awareness training in place to establish the boundaries of safe Cyber Security behaviour amongst employees. In order to make employees aware of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats, it was crucial that training was engaging for staff and strengthened organisational resilience. 

“We recognised that there was a knowledge gap regarding Cyber Security within the organisation. With more data breaches hitting the headlines and an influx of phishing attacks, we wanted to take a proactive approach to educate staff about the importance of Cyber Security and processes.”

Creating Personalised eLearning Courses 

Using MetaCompliance’s eLearning library, PHMG can educate staff about essential Cyber Security knowledge and skills in a bite-sized format which is short and concise.  

Since implementing our eLearning software, PHMG have been able to create their own personalised and branded eLearning courses from the Cyber Security and privacy training library.   

Depending on an employee’s level of access or responsibilities, the eLearning content addresses specific individual employee needs which makes it more engaging and encourages staff participation. Using stories, realistic scenarios and narratives for context, PHMG can access animated and lifelike eLearning courses to make training as relevant to employees as possible. 

“Cyber Security simply has to be a company-wide commitment, from top to bottom so it was important that all employees were engaged with the training and ultimately became a positive force within the organisation to protect against threats.”

Using analytics, management can also gauge the degree of engagement with the eLearning courses, as well as evaluate completion rates across the organisation, identify individuals who have not completed the necessary training and intervene where needed.  

Protecting Against Phishing 

The rise in phishing attacks was a key concern for PHMG. The organisation had experienced a noticeable increase in phishing threats and sought to improve vigilance amongst employees.  

Now using MetaCompliance’s award winning MetaPhish solution, PHMG carry out simulated phishing campaigns which enable management to gain visibility of the user base and the establish a baseline of awareness within the organisation. Using the reporting functionality within the platform, PHMG can easily identify vulnerabilities and user susceptibility, as well as demonstrate the effectiveness of the eLearning courses. 

Individuals that click a phishing simulation are presented with a point of need learning experience that provides instant feedback and educates employees with actionable takeaways about how to mitigate the risk of future attacks. This then enables PHMG to easily pinpoint employees that require further training to improve their Cyber Security awareness. 

A Cyber Secure Mindset 

Since working with MetaCompliance, PHMG has noticed a shift in employee mindset as employees become increasingly aware of the ongoing behaviour change needed to protect and defend their organisation against malicious threats. 

“We have recognised that awareness and vigilance has increased throughout the organisation. Employees are now questioning requests, double checking with our help desk and the overall Cyber Security posture of the organisation has improved.”

Embarking on a Cyber Security awareness program that seamlessly blends awareness communications with learning exercises has armed PHMG employees with the right knowledge and tools to follow Cyber Security best practice and protect their organisation. 

In an effort to maintain a culture of Cyber Security awareness against the emerging threat landscape, PHMG now plans to continue to engage users with tailored security awareness training and bespoke phishing simulations.  

Create Tailored Cyber Security and Privacy Training

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