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From posters and policies to ultimate guides and case studies, our free awareness assets can be used to help improve cyber security awareness within your organisation.

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With 18+ years of experience in the Cyber Security and Compliance market, MetaCompliance provides an innovative solution for staff information security awareness and incident management automation. The MetaCompliance platform was created to meet customer needs for a single, comprehensive solution to manage the people risks surrounding Cyber Security, Data Protection and Compliance.

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5 Steps to Automate your Cyber Security Awareness Program

Automate your Cyber Security Awareness Program

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Organisations across industries have come to recognise the critical importance of Security Awareness Training in safeguarding their digital assets. However, they often face significant challenges in implementing and maintaining effective training programs. Allocating sufficient resources, such as time and budget, to develop and deliver comprehensive training can be a hurdle. 

Traditional training methods can be time-consuming, costly, and challenging to scale. That’s where automation comes into play. By automating your cyber security training program, organisations can streamline the process, improve efficiency, and empower employees to stay ahead of evolving threats. In this blog post, we will explore five essential steps to automate your cyber security awareness program successfully.

Step 1: Assess Your Training Needs

Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your organisation’s training requirements. Identify the specific areas where your employees need to improve their cyber security knowledge and skills. This assessment could involve surveys, interviews, or even conducting simulated phishing exercises to gauge the level of awareness among your workforce. By understanding your training needs, you can tailor your automated program to address the most critical areas and prioritise the content accordingly.

Step 2: Choose the Right Training Platform

Selecting the appropriate training platform is crucial for the success of your automation efforts. Look for a platform that offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of training modules, and customisable options to suit your organisation’s specific needs. Ensure that the platform supports multimedia elements, such as videos and interactive exercises, to make the training engaging and effective. Integration capabilities with your existing systems, such as your learning management system (LMS) or employee portal, are also essential for a seamless user experience.

Step 3: Implement Continuous Learning

Security Awareness Training is an ever-evolving field, and regular training is essential to keep employees up to date with the latest threats and mitigation strategies. By automating continuous learning, you can ensure that your workforce stays informed and equipped to tackle emerging risks and cyber attacks. This can be achieved through the delivery of periodic microlearning modules, short videos, or newsletters that highlight recent cyber security trends and best practices. Make sure to track and record employees’ progress to identify knowledge gaps and tailor future training accordingly.

Step 4: Gamify the Training Experience

Gamification can significantly enhance engagement and motivation in your automated training program. By incorporating game-like elements, such as points, levels, and rewards, you can create a competitive and enjoyable learning environment. Consider implementing quizzes, challenges, or simulated phishing scenarios that allow employees to apply their knowledge and receive immediate feedback. According to Adobe, 79% of people said they would be more productive and motivated if their learning environment was more like a game. Leaderboards and badges can further encourage healthy competition and recognition among employees, fostering a positive learning culture.

Step 5: Monitor and Evaluate Training Effectiveness

Automated training provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your training program. Utilise the reporting and analytics features of your training platform to monitor key metrics and track progress. Measure completion rates, assessment scores, and user feedback to assess the impact of your training efforts. Regularly review this data to identify areas for improvement and to make data-driven decisions about content updates or additional training modules. By continuously evaluating your training program, you can ensure its relevance and effectiveness in mitigating security threats.

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Benefits of Automating your Cyber Security Training Program

Automated security awareness training offers numerous benefits for organisations looking to enhance their cyber security posture. Firstly, automation streamlines the training process, saving time and resources compared to traditional methods.

 It allows for the delivery of consistent and standardised training content across the organisation, ensuring that all employees receive the same level of education and awareness. 

With automated training platforms, organisations can easily scale their training efforts to accommodate a growing workforce or changing training needs. 

Additionally, automation enables continuous learning, keeping employees up to date with the latest threats and best practices in real-time. By gamifying the training experience, automation increases engagement and knowledge retention, making the learning process more enjoyable for employees. 

Automated training programs provide valuable data and analytics that enable organisations to measure the effectiveness of their training efforts, identify knowledge gaps, and make data-driven decisions for program improvement. 

Automated Training for a Stronger Defense Against Cyber Attacks

An automated solution is a strategic investment in your organisation’s overall security posture and information security. By following the five steps outlined in this blog post, you can develop an effective and efficient training program that empowers your employees to become active defenders against cyber threats and save time.

Remember that automation is an ongoing process that requires regular evaluation, adaptation, and enhancement. By embracing automation and staying ahead of the evolving cyber landscape, you can safeguard your organisation’s valuable assets and build a strong cyber security culture throughout your workforce.

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