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From posters and policies to ultimate guides and case studies, our free awareness assets can be used to help improve cyber security awareness within your organisation.

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With 18+ years of experience in the Cyber Security and Compliance market, MetaCompliance provides an innovative solution for staff information security awareness and incident management automation. The MetaCompliance platform was created to meet customer needs for a single, comprehensive solution to manage the people risks surrounding Cyber Security, Data Protection and Compliance.

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Cyber Security Budget Review: Enhancing Cyber Security Strategies for Business Resilience

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As the financial year draws to a close, organisations find themselves at a crucial juncture, evaluating their budget allocations with a keen eye on enhancing their cyber security defences. In this era where the threat landscape of cybercrime looms large, the questions that demand attention are: Have organisations invested wisely enough in safeguarding their digital assets? Is the risk of an attack worth the price of performing Security Awareness Training?

Elevating Cyber Security: A Business Necessity

Cyber security is not merely an IT concern; it has evolved into a business imperative. Startling statistics from Cyber Security Ventures project a staggering $10.5 trillion cost of cybercrime globally by 2025, emphasising the urgency for robust security measures. IBM reported the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, a 15% increase over 3 years, underscoring the financial havoc that lax security can wreak on an organisation.

The Overlooked Aspect: Human Error

Despite these alarming figures, a significant number of organisations continue to underinvest in cyber security, with a critical oversight in the realm of staff training. It’s imperative to recognise that the weakest link in any security chain often lies in human error. Security Awareness Training is one of the measures that can reduce the likelihood of an attack happening or progressing

Strategic Investment: Cyber Security Training

As organisations scrutinise their year-end budgets, a pivotal consideration is the adequacy of cyber security spending, particularly in the realm of Security Awareness Training. Cyber security training emerges as a strategic investment, offering a remarkable return on investment. The philosophy here is not just spending more but spending smart.

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Calculating ROI of Security Awareness Campaigns

The Human Firewall: Engaging Employees Effectively

Personalised Cyber Security Training for Impact

To ensure that employees not only undergo Security Awareness Training but actively engage with it, personalisation is paramount. At MetaCompliance, we advocate for tailoring training to individual roles, responsibilities and specific risks faced by employees. This approach ensures a higher likelihood of engagement and practical application of acquired knowledge.

Cultivating a Culture of Cyber Awareness

Creating a culture of cyber awareness is equally crucial. Regular updates about emerging threats, gamified learning modules, and incentives for positive cyber security behaviors form the bedrock of this culture. Making cyber security a daily conversation topic keeps it at the forefront of employees’ minds, fostering a proactive approach to security.

Inclusive Cyber Security Conversations

It’s essential to dispel the notion that cyber security is solely the responsibility of the IT department. From the C-suite executives to the newest recruits, every individual within the organisation plays a pivotal role in safeguarding its assets. Inclusivity in cyber security conversations ensures a holistic approach to digital defence.

The Power of an Educated Workforce

An educated employee is the strongest ally in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. As organisations plan for the upcoming fiscal year, it’s paramount to position cyber security training at the heart of budget considerations. The question is not if an attack will occur but when, and prepared employees are the frontline of your defence.

Partnering for Security Awareness Training Success: MetaCompliance

In this journey towards enhanced cyber security, MetaCompliance stands as your personalised Security Awareness Training partner. We aim to ensure that when the next cyber threat emerges, your team stands ready—not as the weakest link, but as your organisation’s strongest asset.

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