Webinar – Lions and Tigers and Hackers, oh my!

August 8, 2019

Security professionals have the toughest job. Why, you ask: is it because of the complexity of the threat landscape, or the difficulties keeping up with constant change, or the nature of vulnerabilities to emerge without warning?

Nope, none of that: it’s because nobody cares. You can bang on about risks, threats, attack types and other scary stuff all you like, you can waggle the hefty stick of compliance over the heads of your non-committal audience, suggesting what might happen if people don’t do the right thing, you can… well, you get the picture.

Which is a pain, because when things go wrong, you know precisely who will be carrying the can. Want to know what to do about it? You’ve come to the right place. In this webinar we bring together independent expert Graham Cluley, MetaCompliance CEO Robert O’Brien and our own Jon Collins. All experts who will wield the Damoclesian sword to cut through the knotty challenges of disinterest, intransigence and avoidance.

We’ll cover all the usual stuff, passwording, phishing and all that, but more importantly, we’ll bring to the party a set of techniques, tricks and tips to bring security awareness out of the doldrums and onto the desks of the people that matter — the users. From chocolate-based rewards to the gnome of shame, yes, you heard that right, we’ll help you turn from tin-pot-generals to enablers of better security practice.

Interested? Book your free place via https://buff.ly/2GAExKb.