MetaCompliance Announce New Partnership with TDC Group

May 22, 2018
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MetaCompliance, a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy compliance has announced a new partnership with leading Danish Telecoms Group, TDC.

TDC Erhverv, the enterprise service arm of the Danish operator has partnered with MetaCompliance to develop a new tool called CyberAware.

CyberAware will enable businesses to train their staff in IT Security and teach them about topics such as data handling, phishing, safe surfing and GDPR.

Over 90% of all successful cyber-attacks are a result of information unknowingly provided by employees. As networks become harder to breach, hackers are increasingly targeting employees to trick them into divulging sensitive information.  

Training employees in how to effectively recognise an attack is key in mitigating the risk to an organisation.

CyberAware will help employees identify and respond appropriately to these threats and raise awareness of the sensitivity of data on systems.

The tool is tailored to the Danish market and is available in both Danish and English. It contains a library of smart learning experiences such as infographics, notices and training videos, and enables organisations to find out just how susceptible their company is to fraudulent phishing emails and helps identify those users that require additional training.

Robert O’ Brien, CEO of Metacompliance commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to welcome TDC as a partner for our cyber security platform. Large telecoms organisations are a trusted partner for many of their customers and are a natural ‘go to’ point for assistance in their information security challenges. TDC will play a key role in providing the most modern cyber security training to the Danish market.”

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About MetaCompliance

Founded in 2005, Metacompliance is a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy compliance. Its innovative cloud platform provides a one-stop-shop management solution for staff awareness and compliance.

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