MetaCompliance Brings Cyber Security Awareness Training to Life with New Live-Action Nanos

November 26, 2019

Global Cyber Security specialist, MetaCompliance, has added to its award-winning suite of eLearning with the launch of its new live-action Nano collection.

The new ‘Cyber Safe’ Series focuses on the human aspect of Cyber Security and covers important topics such as social engineering, phishing and physical security.

By making these topics more relatable, employees can gain a better understanding of the threats that are being used to target them, driving home the importance of their role in safeguarding sensitive company data.

It’s been widely acknowledged that the most successful security awareness campaigns leverage a wide variety of tools and techniques to keep employees engaged. Live-action Nanos, animation, gamification, quizzes, policies, posters and blogs, can all be used to reinforce key messaging and create a more vigilant workforce.

Robert O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance commented on the new Cyber Safe Series: “For training to resonate, it’s got to be engaging, informative and ultimately address the real-world threats that employees face on a day to day basis.

“Our new live-action Cyber Safe Series was created to help employees understand how these cyber threats can play out in real life and to demonstrate just how easy it is to fall for a social engineering scam.

“Organisations can choose from a wide variety of styles and formats to create a unique Cyber Security awareness program that is tailored to their specific needs.”

MetaCompliance’s extensive suite of eLearning solutions is available in multiple languages and the content is regularly updated to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality and most up to date content available on the market.

If you would like an exclusive preview of our Live-Action Nanos or require further information on how you can bring your eLearning to life, contact our sales team at [email protected]

About MetaCompliance

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