MetaCompliance win Anti Phishing Solution of the Year Award

October 18, 2019

Global Cyber Security specialist, MetaCompliance, has won the Anti Phishing Solution of the Year Award at the Network Computing Security Awards 2019.

The Computing Security Awards are now in their tenth year and recognise the solutions and solution providers that have been particularly impressive in the ongoing fight against security threats.

The announcement was made at an award ceremony at the Leonardo Royal Hotel, London City, on Thursday 17th October 2019.

Phishing has now become the biggest cyber threat worldwide, and within the last year, attacks have increased by a staggering 250%. Not only are the attacks more frequent, but they’ve also become increasingly more sophisticated as cybercriminals use new tactics to avoid detection.

Despite using a multitude of attack vectors, social engineering continues to prove one of the most successful ways to manipulate employees into performing certain actions or sharing confidential information.

MetaPhish provides organisations with a powerful defence against phishing attacks by training employees how to identify and respond appropriately to evolving threats. The software contains an extensive library of fully customisable phishing templates that are regularly updated to reflect the real-world threats that employees face on a day to day basis.

Speaking about the win, Robert O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance commented: “We’re thrilled to win the award for Anti Phishing Solution of the Year Award at the Network Computing Security Awards.

“Although phishing has been around for a long time, end-users continue to fall for these scams due to the innovative new methods that are being used to target them. Our phishing simulation software helps organisations find out just how susceptible their company is to fraudulent phishing emails and helps identify users that require additional training. There’s no doubt that a comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness campaign that combines phishing simulations, policies, eLearning and blogs is the best way to educate staff and mitigate risk.”

The award win follows the recent news that the company is creating over 70 new jobs as part of a £4.5 million global expansion plan. To support its continued growth into new markets, the company is recruiting across all disciplines.

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Notes to Editors

With over 12 years’ experience in the Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) market, MetaCompliance provides an innovative solution for compliance and staff awareness automation.

With a focus on staff awareness and security risk management, customers can manage a diverse range of functionality that includes eLearning, simulated phishing alongside policy management, vendor management, risk management and regulatory reporting.