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Cyber Police: So Much More Than Security Awareness Training...

Enhance your cyber security and compliance training with Cyber Police, our new Netflix-style eLearning series.

Using a gripping police drama format, the series features episodic training videos with captivating storylines and relatable characters to keep learners engaged.

Cyber Police aims to improve staff retention and engagement, making it an effective way to train employees in cyber security and compliance.

Want to see for yourself? Check out Episode One now!

eLearning Library Updates

3 NewPhish

Protect Against Localised Phishing Scams

This month, we’re adding a bank of phish templates that imitate localised airlines and supermarkets, to help you train staff to spot the tell-tale signs of phishing.

2 EssentialSeries

New Languages Added to ‘Cyber Essentials’ Series

Our Cyber Essentials series will be available in nine new languages, including Indonesian, Irish, and Korean, to help you maintain and improve awareness of ongoing cyber threats.

What's New in MyCompliance?

5 Email Notifications

Maximise Employee Engagement Using Localisation

Allow staff to embrace their primary language by sending email notifications in the user’s preferred language for a Course, Policy or Survey.

Seasonal Phish

4 SeasonalPhish

Phish Templates for This Time of Year

Our collection of timely phish templates, including ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’, impersonate well-known brands that are often used in real phishing campaigns, including Moonpig, Amazon and Ancestry.

Upcoming Webcast

BrightTalk SocialEngineering NoDateGraphics

Could Social Engineering Exist Without Email

Don’t miss out on our upcoming webcast with Robbie O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance and James Linton, Social Engineer and Email Prankster. This 45-minute webcast examines why email remains a favoured target for malicious attacks and explores ways for organisations to fortify their defences.

Did You Know?

Create a Prep Test

Test User Knowledge Using Pre-Tests

Add a Pre-test to the beginning of your Fusion course to assess user prior knowledge and understanding. Users who pass the Pre-test won’t be required to complete the course and will be marked as complete.

Meet The Team

What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano, and Why?

My favourite Nano video is “Types of Phishing – The Essentials” as phishing is a big threat for every organisation today. MetaCompliance has released a wide range of phish videos that cover important messaging that all staff need to be aware of. However, this nano video provides a perfect summary of those points as a recap.


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