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MetaCompliance Acquires MOCH to Boost European Footprint

This month’s edition is packed with fresh eLearning content, brand new phishing templates for summer and beyond, a wave of exciting new product features and much more.

Hot off the press is our recent acquisition of MOCH, a Danish EdTech company specialising in cyber security and compliance training, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. This deal, the first of its kind for MetaCompliance, supports our ongoing expansion into new and existing geographies within our core European market.

In addition to strengthening our position in the region, this acquisition will drive world-class training services for our European customers.

Read the full press release here.

MOCH Acquisition

A New Way To Manage Incidents Consistently

There is an inevitability about incidents. When they happen, employees often don’t know what to do next, who to call, or what process to follow. Senior management needs to have confidence that incidents are being managed in a consistent manner to enable meaningful analysis of trends and highlight risk. A best practice approach needs to be applied to collecting information and documenting remediation as the incident response unfolds. Many people forget that their remediation and incident response activities have to be reported to governance committees and regulators in the weeks following an incident.

The new MetaIncident module provides end users with a straightforward, systematic process for reporting incidents within the MyCompliance platform. It also provides Admin users with the ability to consistently assess, prioritise and manage the lifecycle of an incident from detection to closure, automating communication with key audiences.  Dashboards and reporting satisfy regulators and governance committees and provide insight on where additional training could boost defences against the actual threats impacting the organisation. Ask your Account Manager about MetaIncident today!

eLearning Library Updates

Re-engage with Refreshed Content

When learning something new, repetition and applicability are key to encouraging recall. With that in mind, we have re-imagined our Cyber Security Essentials series, and at the end of the month, we’ll release three new titles: “Laptop Safety– The Essentials”, “Clear Screen – The Essentials”, and “Social Engineering – The Essentials”.

As with the original Essentials series, the refresher titles address key cyber security threats and echo the same core message in a different context, offering the end user another critical learning opportunity.

Seasonal Templates

Phishing Templates for This Time of Year

Scammers are constantly looking for new ways to trick us into giving up personal and confidential information so they can carry out fraudulent activities.

Increasingly, they’re using real-world, current events as bait in their phishing attacks.

To highlight the sophisticated techniques used by hackers, we’ve created a collection of new phishing templates covering the Asian Games, a Holiday Inn Hotel Sale, National Dog Day and more. Use them in your next campaign to train and educate your employees on how to spot the signs of a phishing attack.

What's New in MyCompliance?

Fusion Enhancements EDIT V2

MetaLearning is Undergoing a Transformation

One of our most powerful tools is getting an upgrade and we know you’ll be excited with the changes coming soon! We’re unlocking even more value when it comes to course creation and have added a host of new functionality including a brand new Elements library with extensive filter options, improved custom content upload, multi-language previews and more.
Mark as Complete in Fusion EDIT V2

Marking a Course as Complete on Behalf of the End User – Meta

Free Awareness Assets

Poster Page V2

Develop Resilience with Eye-catching Posters

We know how effective visual learning is so we’ve created a collection of cyber security awareness posters that you can download and print for free to hang around your office. With bold colours, sharp graphics and simple messaging, catch and hold the attention of employees and provide a continuous learning experience.

Upcoming Webcasts


Cyber Resilience In An Era Of Geopolitical Risk

Date: 28/07/22 15:00 BST

In the wake of the Russian-Ukraine crisis, pandemic challenges, inflation spikes and fragile global supply chains, organisations are faced with a magnitude of risk and uncertainty.

Join us for our upcoming webcast, titled ‘Cyber Resilience In An Era Of Geopolitical Risk’, with GRC Analyst and Pundit, Michael Rasmussen. This webcast explores how organisations can increase their agility and prioritise resilience in an increasingly complex and hostile world.

Did You Know?

Can I Create Blogs

Create Your Own Blog/Newsletter

Want to increase engagement of your cyber security awareness campaigns? The “Blog Creation” functionality on the platform allows you to create your own blog or newsletter and send personalised content to your end users. Use it to share knowledge on the latest attacks within your industry or inform users of company news or changes within the organisation. Some end users have used blogs and newsletters to successfully launch the MyCompliance platform internally, while many are supplementing a course topic with additional industry and role-specific blog content. There are so many ways to get value from this tool, check it out!

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