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Leveraging the Security Culture Maturity Model (SCMM) to Enhance Cyber Security

Security Culture Maturity Model

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In the digital age, robust cyber security is essential for organisations of all sizes. However, technology alone cannot safeguard against threats; human behaviour is a critical factor.

In fact, according to the Verizon’s 2024 Data Breach Investigations report, 68% of breaches involve human error. A strong security culture can mitigate risks and enhance overall security.

The Security Culture Maturity Model (SCMM) offers a structured approach to assess and elevate your organisation’s security culture systematically. In this blog post, we provide a comprehensive guide to using the SCMM for assessing and enhancing your organisation’s security awareness and culture.

Understanding the Security Culture Maturity Model (SCMM)

The Security Culture Maturity Model categorises security culture into different maturity levels, each representing the sophistication and integration of security practices within an organisation. These levels typically range from Initial to Optimised, providing a clear roadmap for continuous improvement.

Initial: Security awareness is minimal, and practices are ad-hoc.

Developing: Basic security awareness is established, with some formal policies and procedures.

Defined: Security practices are well-documented and standardised across the organisation.

Managed: Security awareness is integrated into daily operations, with regular training and assessments.

Optimised: Security culture is proactive, with continuous improvement and innovation in security practices.

Assessing Your Security Culture Maturity

To effectively enhance your security culture, you must first assess your current maturity level. Use our interactive Cyber Security Behavioural Maturity Model for a comprehensive cyber security audit of your employees’ awareness training. Benchmark your organisation against industry best practices and fortify your security protocols effectively.

Enhancing Your Security Culture Using the Security Culture Maturity Model

Once you have determined your current maturity level, you can implement strategies to advance to the next level. Here’s how to enhance your security culture systematically:

Initial to Developing:

  • Establish basic security policies and procedures.
  • Introduce foundational security training for all employees.
  • Start regular communication about security threats and best practices.

Developing to Defined:

  • Standardise security practices across the organisation.
  • Implement formal security training programs with clear learning objectives.
  • Ensure consistent application of security policies.

Defined to Managed:

  • Integrate security practices into daily operations.
  • Conduct regular Security Awareness Training and updates.
  • Perform frequent security assessments and adjust training based on findings.

Managed to Optimised:

  • Foster a proactive security culture where employees actively contribute to security improvements.
  • Encourage innovation in security practices and reward employees for identifying potential threats.
  • Continuously update training programs to reflect the latest threats and best practices.

Discover tailored improvement recommendations through our Employee Cyber Security Audit & Awareness Maturity Model.

Building a Sustainable Security Culture

Creating a security-aware culture is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. To maintain and continually improve your security culture, follow these guidelines:

Consistency is Key: Regularly update training materials and keep security top of mind with ongoing communication.

Stay Current: Adapt to the evolving threat landscape by incorporating new threats and best practices into training programs.

Engage Employees: Make security a shared responsibility by involving employees in developing and refining security practices.

Measure Success: Use SCMM metrics to track progress and measure the effectiveness of your security awareness initiatives.


The Security Culture Maturity Model provides a structured framework to assess and enhance your organisation’s security awareness and culture. By understanding your current maturity level and implementing targeted strategies to advance, you can create a resilient, proactive security culture. A well-educated and engaged workforce is your best defence against cyber threats, ensuring your organisation remains secure and compliant in the face of evolving challenges.

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