MetaCompliance Announced As Corporate Vision’s Best Cyber Security eLearning Solutions Provider

May 6, 2020
MetaCompliance Announced As Corporate Vision’s Best Cyber Security eLearning Solutions Provider

Global Cyber Security specialist, MetaCompliance has been named as Corporate Vision’s Best Cyber Security eLearning Solutions Provider in 2020.

Each year Corporate Vision celebrates a select handful of leading organisations who have gone above and beyond to create compelling campaigns, implement key policies and strategy, and ensure clients excel beyond their competitors in such a diverse landscape.

With more than twelve years of experience in the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) market, MetaCompliance has been recognised for its state-of-the-art eLearning solution.

MetaLearning educates staff about Cyber Security and risk management using digestible bites of training content. The award winning eLearning courses are focused on real-life examples and use cutting edge design, animation, and gamified eLearning to ensure that employees are engaged and equipped with all the information they need to identify a cyber attack.

Using MetaCompliance’s eLearning solution, clients can create customised training from an extensive library of short eLearning courses that can be tailored to their specific needs. The courses are simple to create and can be personalised and branded to make the content more relevant and authentic.

Speaking about the win, Robert O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance commented: “We’re thrilled to be announced as Corporate Vision’s Best Cyber Security eLearning Solutions Provider in 2020.

Cyber Security eLearning remains a key challenge for many organisations. Particularly when Working From Home (WFH), employees need to be vigilant about cyber risks such as phishing and ransomware. Cyber Security awareness should be engaging and informative to ensure that staff understand what is required of them, and the importance of their role in safeguarding the organisation’s sensitive data.

Our eLearning platform is a modern, fit for purpose solution to help staff participate in Cyber Security and privacy awareness training.”

Ensuring that MetaCompliance’s products reach a global audience, the company has worked tirelessly to translate its eLearning courses into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, and Polish.

Earlier this year, MetaCompliance also expanded its extensive library of eLearning solutions, introducing an innovative live action Nano collection. The new ‘Cyber Safe’ Series focuses on the human aspect of Cyber Security, covering important topics such as social engineering, phishing and physical security.

By making these topics more relatable, employees can gain a better understanding of the threats that are being used to target them, driving home the importance of their role in safeguarding sensitive company data.

Discussing the success of Corporate Vision’s 2020 winners, Kaven Cooper, Awards Coordinator commented: “Sincere congratulations to all of the businesses and individuals named in this year’s awards programme, and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. It has been a delight to speak to each and every one of you.”

About MetaCompliance

MetaCompliance is a leading Cyber Security and compliance specialist dedicated to helping businesses keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets and protect their reputation and brand.

With over 12 years’ experience, MetaCompliance has developed a world leading Saas solution that provides a one-stop-shop management solution to engage users, provide defense against cyber threats and deliver regulator reporting.