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What's the best way to educate staff on Cyber Security threats?

Our award winning Elements library consists of engaging eLearning content and user interactions. These short, targeted courses allow your staff to learn through digestible bites of training, helping you to foster Cyber Security and Privacy awareness within your organisation.

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Secure Programming Training

The disconnect between software development and Cyber Security awareness can lead to widespread vulnerabilities. The reality is that a minor flaw in the development of software can cause a major incident.

Our Secure Coding Series uses engaging micro-style storytelling to help embed a culture of secure coding. The eLearning content explores a range of common coding vulnerabilities and recommendations identified by OWASP, a globally recognised nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software.

Our Securely Working From Home Series

As cybercriminals increase their efforts to exploit remote workers, awareness is the most powerful weapon against these targeted threats and techniques.

Our ‘Securely Working from Home Series’ focuses on how remote workers can protect themselves and their organisation from Cyber Security threats outside of the office environment, including secure video conferencing, printer safety and more.

Introducing our Cyber Safe Series

Gone are the days of mundane eLearning. We know that it takes a variety of training formats to educate and engage employees. So, how do you get people to pay attention? It’s simple - create training that resonates with real people.

Focusing on the human aspect of Cyber Security, our content educates employees about the real risk of Cyber Security threats using real life environments and people.

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Short Cyber Security Training for Executives

Cyber Security Training for Executives

Senior executives in most organisations represent the ideal target for cyber criminals. These criminals need people with authority and access to information resources to facilitate their exploitation activities.

One size fits all security training will not obtain the buy-in from your senior team that is required. What is needed, is training specific to their seniority that also speaks to the unique role they play in changing employee behaviour towards cyber security and privacy.

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Question: How will my team learn about Security and Privacy Threats?

Answer: By creating tailored and branded Cyber Security and Privacy eLearning to develop Cyber resilient staff

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