MetaCompliance Launch Secure Working From Home eLearning Series

June 23, 2020
MetaCompliance Launch Secure Working From Home eLearning Series

Global Cyber Security specialist, MetaCompliance, has added to its award-winning suite of eLearning with the launch of a new ‘Working From Home Series’.

The unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 has left most of the global workforce working from their homes where possible. While the threat of Covid-19 remains, so too does the risk of attack by opportunistic criminals aiming to exploit a society in lockdown.

A recent survey reported 95% of Cyber Security professionals said they are facing additional challenges, with increased attacks and new working from home demands. 

In an effort to support organisations to adapt to the rapid change brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Secure Working from Home Series’ focuses on how remote workers can protect themselves and their organisation from Cyber Security threats outside the office environment.

The ‘Secure Working from Home Series’ uses micro-style storytelling to educate and empower employees to become vigilant of the risk landscape when working remotely.

Commenting on the new ‘Secure Working from Home Series’, Robert O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance said: “The onset of coronavirus has meant that many organisations have adapted to remote working almost overnight. Malicious cybercriminals are continually adjusting their tactics to take advantage of new situations, and the Covid-19 pandemic is no exception.

As cybercriminals increase their efforts to exploit remote workers, awareness is the most powerful weapon against these evolving threats and techniques. Our new ‘Secure Working From Home Series’ aims to mitigate the risk of cyber threats by educating employees and embedding a culture of cyber awareness, even at home.”

Lasting between 2-4 minutes each, these short, targeted courses help develop cyber resilient staff by incorporating digestible bites of training. In order to focus on the ‘human’ aspect of Cyber Security awareness, the new content covers a range of engaging topics, such as secure video conferencing, printer safety and more.

MetaCompliance’s extensive suite of eLearning solutions is available in multiple languages and the Elements library is regularly updated to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality and most up to date content available on the market.

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