MetaCompliance win Award for Sustained Excellence in Cyber Security Solutions UK

December 17, 2018
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MetaCompliance, a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy compliance, has won the ‘Sustained Excellence in Cyber Security Solutions UK’ award at the Global Business Insight Awards 2018.

The awards celebrate business leadership and innovation across all seven continents of the world and the judges select only the elite for the prestigious honours.

MetaCompliance has been developing software and content for the Cyber Security and Compliance market since 2005 and is experiencing an exceptional phase of growth as worldwide demand for its products increases.

Robert O’ Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance commented on the award win: “I am delighted with this award and it reflects the hard work and determination of the team at MetaCompliance. The International focus of this award highlights the relevance of our people orientated Cyber Security Solutions to a global business audience.”

In a year where cyber-attacks and data privacy have dominated the headlines, cyber security has become a key priority for organisations as they realise the massive implications that a data breach can have on their business.

Despite investing heavily in security solutions, organisations are finding they are still vulnerable to outside attack. This has demonstrated that a greater focus needs to be placed on strengthening the human element to ensure that staff are equipped to deal with evolving cyber security threats.

In order to help organisations keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets and protect their reputation and brand, MetaCompliance has created the best quality cyber security and compliance content available on the market.

Through its innovative cloud platform, the company combines the key pieces of software needed for companies to protect themselves and stay cyber secure and regulatory compliant.


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Notes to Editors

About MetaCompliance

Founded in 2005, Metacompliance is a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy compliance. Its innovative cloud platform provides a one-stop-shop management solution for staff awareness and compliance.

The cutting-edge platform provides customers with a fully integrated and multi lingual suite of compliance capabilities that includes policy management, e-learning, simulated phishing, incident management and privacy management, all of which can be purchased on a modular basis or as a complete system.

The platform delivers the highest quality cyber security and compliance e-learning content available on the market. Its ease of use, engaging user experience and regularly updated content ensures staff satisfaction; and enables cyber and compliance professionals to easily track implementation progress and demonstrate ongoing accountability.

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