Top Law Firm Harper Macleod Adopt Policy Management Software to improve Risk Management Framework.

September 10, 2014
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Metacompliance are pleased to welcome leading Scottish Law Firm Harper Macleod as a new customer. The award winning Firm has grown exponentially since its launch in 1988. MetaCompliance Policy Management tools were chosen to manage, enforce and sustain all their information governance needs.

Richard Harvey, IT Director, explained their decision, “As a leading law firm, our clients expect Harper Macleod’s risk management framework to be of the highest order and we required a product which not only fulfilled that requirement but gave us the means to demonstrate this on demand.”

Having carried out extensive market research, Harper Macleod realised that their needs were best met by the innovative governance software from Metacompliance. “We chose MetaCompliance as the most effective method of distributing information and raising awareness without overwhelming users, while also ensuring that our people both sign and understand our policies. The ability to quickly report on and audit our policies and compliance levels is essential to the operation of a modern law firm, and MetaCompliance gives us an extremely efficient way of managing this process.” 

Following implementation the firm have been delighted with the follow up care provided by the Metacompliance team. Richard stated “We have found their customer service and support to be exceptional as we rolled out the product across our offices.” 

Commenting on the implementation, Metacompliance Managing Director Robert O’Brien stated, “Professional organisations that trade on their reputation are particularly susceptible to reputational damage caused by a compliance incident. We have noted a more considered approach, to the “human firewall” and the issue of user awareness, from responsible firms like Harper Macleod. A consistent and automated approach to Policy and Learning Management for Information Security is the key to a best practice compliance environment”.

About Metacompliance

Metacompliance has a clear vision of making Compliance and IT Security easier for organisations. The software can ensure the active participation of all staff in compliance initiatives such as policies, elearning and surveys, thus mitigating the risk of compliance incident and the associated fines. The software can be used to demonstrate that staff understand content such as policies by being tested with questions. Delivering increased user participation in compliance and IT Security campaigns provides the audit information to generate reports that allow the organisation to demonstrate its “duty of care” to Regulators.

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