Wycombe District Council attaining data protection compliance with Policy Management system

March 28, 2013
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Local Authorities are working through the key controls and risk mitigations required to improve data protection and meet the expectations of the ICO. In order to underpin their compliance initiatives, MetaCompliance Policy Management software has been adopted by Wycombe District Council as a measure of enforcing information security and increasing user understanding of data protection issues.

MetaCompliance focuses on making compliance easier for organisations and is delighted to announce Wycombe District Council as one of our latest clients. Mark Lansbury, Business Systems Manager for the Council explains that by adopting our policy management software they are ensuring the participation, awareness and accountability of their users. Mark goes on to explain that “Wycombe District Council is required to operate within a defined legislative, policy and procedural framework. All employees need to know what is expected of them and the limits within which they may act. If things go wrong the Council may need to evidence that it has developed and communicated policies and training to staff and that these have been fully understood.

The Council has sought to automate this process through the implementation of Advantage from MetaCompliance to enable policies to be published and understood across the organisation.”

Robert O’Brien, founder and CEO of MetaCompliance had this to say: “Demonstrating compliance in a manner that is not labour intensive and which meets with the approval of regulators is a key challenge for the Public Sector. Indeed, as time passes the requirements of regulation and oversight will undoubtedly increase. The only way to deal with these increased audit requirements and to ensure staff participate is via automation. We are delighted that Wycombe District Council has adopted the MetaCompliance Policy Management Software for this purpose“.