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Think of a single place to record your Data Processing Activities, Create Your Risk Register, Manage Staff Policies, Train Users on GDPR and Demonstrate GDPR Compliance.


What is MetaPrivacy?

MetaPrivacy© is a cloud based privacy lifecycle management system that delivers an automated best practice approach to data privacy compliance.

Getting staff buy-in is critical to the success of any privacy program and one of the key challenges faced by Privacy Managers and Legal teams. MetaPrivacy© has been designed to increase stakeholder engagement by providing graphically rich, interactive assessments incorporating video instruction, as part of the personal data information gathering phase.

The information obtained as part of the assessment process is used to automatically populate a register of personal data processing activities, which becomes your ‘single point of truth’ for Privacy Management.

The software provides an easy to follow workflow to guide specialist stakeholders through the review and approval phases of the lifecycle. Privacy risks and any associated remediation tasks can then be created, assigned and tracked within the system.

In addition, MetaPrivacy© includes role-specific GDPR online learning modules, advanced policy management capabilities, step-by-step guidance for managing privacy incidents and a collection of informative dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor privacy compliance programs and demonstrate accountability as required.

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Our Privacy Management Solution and GDPR eLearning represent the best value for money approaches to automating your GDPR project.

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    Automate population of personal data registers.

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    Identify, manage and mitigate risk through a risk register and task management module.

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    Engaging, graphically rich, interactive training and eLearning.

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    Access GDPR policies and guidelines within the system and complete related assessments.

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    Easy to use management dashboards and detailed reporting.

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    Ensure organisational readiness for GDPR.

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    Demonstrate GDPR and privacy compliance to your national regulatory body.

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    Track task progress and demonstrate accountability in real time.

How to Implement GDPR

Establishing a workable structure for implementing your GDPR compliance strategy is fundamental for ensuring GDPR readiness. Our experts have created an implementation guide that provides an approach for establishing and maintaining GDPR compliance. That means we have done a lot of thinking for you in putting together a “Playbook for GDPR” that will take the headache out of kick starting your GDPR project.

GDPR Implementation Guide Book

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