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Reporting on the Success of Your Security Awareness Program

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Security awareness programs play a pivotal role in educating employees about potential risks and empowering them to contribute to a secure digital environment. In this blog post, we will delve into key metrics and strategies essential for reporting on the success of these security awareness programs.

Define Clear Objectives

Before delving into metrics, organisations must revisit the initial goals set for their security awareness programs. These goals might include reducing phishing susceptibility, enhancing password hygiene, or fostering a culture of cyber security awareness. Clearly defined objectives lay the groundwork for measuring success and provide a roadmap for ongoing improvements.

Quantitative Metrics

Phishing Simulation Results: Evaluate the success of simulated phishing exercises, including click rates and the percentage of employees reporting suspicious emails. A decrease in click rates indicates improved awareness and a heightened sense of scepticism among employees.

Training Completion Rates: Track the number of employees who have completed Security Awareness Training modules. A high completion rate suggests that the workforce is actively engaging with the program, leading to increased cyber resilience.

Incident Response Metrics: Measure the number of reported security incidents or breaches before and after the implementation of the security awareness program. A decrease in incidents can be attributed to improved employee vigilance.

Qualitative Metrics

Employee Feedback: Collect feedback through surveys or focus groups to gauge employee perceptions of the security awareness program. Understanding how employees feel about the training can provide valuable insights into its effectiveness.

There are two main techniques you have to collect user feedback:

  1. Written questions with multiple-choice answers can be used to test employee knowledge, gather input on topics of interest or gauge the appreciation of the current program activities.
  2. Discussions where you can ask employees to answer specific structured questions or participate in unstructured verbal feedback (typically as part of a focus group).

Real-life Scenarios: Assess how well employees apply security awareness principles in real-life scenarios. This could involve evaluating their response to simulated phishing emails or their adherence to secure practices in day-to-day tasks.

Return on Investment (ROI) of Security Awareness Program

Demonstrate the financial impact of the security awareness program by comparing the costs associated with potential security incidents before and after its implementation. A positive ROI showcases the program’s value in safeguarding the organisation’s assets.

Read more: Calculating the ROI of Security Awareness Campaigns

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Highlight any adjustments made to the security awareness program based on feedback and evolving cyber threats. Emphasise the organisation’s commitment to ongoing improvement and adaptability in the face of new challenges.

By testing employee knowledge of cyber security regulations and external threats, you gain a clear understanding of your organisation’s vulnerabilities. These metrics pinpoint specific areas where your defences may be most vulnerable. Whether it’s gaps in understanding regulations or recognising external threats, this data serves as a roadmap for targeted improvements.

Beyond vulnerability assessment, these metrics also serve as a compass, directing your attention to areas that require focused training efforts. Understanding the specific challenges faced by your workforce allows you to tailor future programs to boost overall awareness effectively.

A Holistic Approach to Reporting on Security Awareness Programs

Effectively reporting on the success of your security awareness programs demands a comprehensive approach that combines quantitative and qualitative metrics. By going beyond mere numbers and showcasing the human element, organisations can present a detailed account of the program’s impact. This not only reinforces the organisations commitment to cyber security but also lays the foundation for continued efforts to fortify their defences in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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