3 Reasons to Browse the Internet in Incognito Mode

We’ve all become very aware of our online activity and the data trail that we’re leaving across the internet. Every website we visit tracks our activity, touchpoints, interests and this data can, in turn, be used to target us and build a detailed picture of our online activity. You may…

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two factor authentication

A Guide to Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

The humble password has been around for a long time and despite its popularity as the most common way to secure accounts, it no longer cuts it in an era of enhanced cyber attacks and data breaches. In fact, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 81% of all…

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Security horror stories 2019

The scariest security horror stories of 2019

Halloween is right around the corner, but witches, goblins and ghouls aren’t the only things causing a fright this month. Organisations continue to be haunted by the threat of poisoned ransomware, devilish data breaches, and phantom phishing.

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Amazon Prime Warning

Scam of the Week: Warning over Amazon Prime Phone Scam

UK householders are being urged to be vigilant following a spate of scam phone calls from someone claiming to be from Amazon. The scams have been reported widely throughout the country and one woman in Northern Ireland was defrauded of £25,000 after the heartless crooks emptied her bank account. Victims have reported…

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How data breaches impact company valuations

How Data Breaches Impact Company Valuations

As data breaches become increasingly more common, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ an organisation is going to be attacked but ‘when’. 2018 was a landmark year for data breaches but according to a Risk Based Security research report, the first six months of 2019 have already seen more than 3,800…

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Netflix scam

Scam of the Week: Netflix Subscribers Warned of Phishing Scam

Netflix fans are being warned of a new phishing scam claiming to be from the popular streaming service.  With nearly 151 million users worldwide, Netflix is the #1 streaming service in the world. Scammers have targeted Netflix customers with a phishing email that has been designed to steal their personal and…

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Challenge of Cyber Security Awareness

How to Overcome the Challenge of Cyber Security Awareness

If there is one thing that we can be certain about when it comes to Cyber Security, it’s that the landscape will remain dynamic and turbulent. Cyber attacks and breaches continue to hit the headlines and organisations have become increasingly conscious of how vulnerable they are to threats.  Cyber Security Awareness Month  October marks the…

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Doxxing – The Weaponisation of Personal Data

Within the last few years, the public has woken up to the value of their personal data. The growth of social media, the continual stream of data breaches, as well as the recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, has highlighted just how much of our personal data is available online and how…

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Thomas Cook Refund Scam

Scam of the Week – Warning over Thomas Cook Refund Scam

Fraudsters keen to capitalise on the collapse of Thomas Cook have already started targeting customers with telephone refund scams. The historic travel firm went bust on Sunday evening, leaving 160,000 holidaymakers stranded abroad and 20,000 employees without a job. Around a million people are believed to have had holidays cancelled…

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Cyber Security Awareness Program

How to Improve your Cyber Security Awareness Program

With cyber attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted, cyber awareness continues to be a key priority for many organisations. According to a recent study, the total annual cost of cybercrime for a company has jumped from $11.7 million in 2017 to a record high of $13 million.   Whilst external threats are constantly emerging, insider employees remain a…

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Joker malware

Scam of the Week – Joker Malware Infects 500,000 Android Devices

A new type of malware targeting Android users has been discovered on 24 apps within the Google Play Store. Security researchers at CSIS Security group uncovered the new strain of malware, which they aptly named the ‘Joker’ after the notorious Batman villain. Once installed, the malware secretly gets to work signing the user up…

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A Guide to Insider Threats

September 2019 has been declared National Insider Threat Awareness Month by the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NSCS) and the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF). The initiative has been specifically set up to raise awareness of the serious risks posed by insider threats, whilst encouraging employees to recognise and…

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