MetaLearning Heralds a new way to Increase Adoption Rates of e-Learning Content Among Employees and 3rd Parties

September 25, 2014
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MetaCompliance announce the release of their new blended learning platform, MetaLearning.This new product is a cloud based learning environment that allows organisations to bring all their learning content together in an enterprise strength platform.

MetaLearning is a purpose built, scalable technology platform that aims to become the industry model for a modern, social media orientated learning centre, to which organisations direct their users to undertake all learning.

MetaLearning is learning content agnostic. The software will stream video, PowerPoint or existing SCORM standard content to the user in a modern, intuitive interface. Taking its lead from the social media look and feel that users are familiar with, MetaLearning seeks to enhance the adoption of learning within the organisation through the use of a graphically rich engaging front end. As an enterprise orientated platform the user can see all the content related to themselves; be it health and safety, HR or compliance. The user can comment on courses  and also communicate content around the internal organisation. The latter provides an excellent way to deliver lessons at the point at which people require the learning.

The objective of MetaLearning is to provide organisations with a technology environment that facilitates the accessibility of learning and provides a permanent repository for a user’s learning lifecycle within the company.  MetaLearning will allow organisations to aggregate content currently residing in multiple LMS environments that have been acquired over time. Put simply, MetaLearning centralises all of your training material in a single “go to” place. All accessible through single sign on based on the users existing username and password.
Speaking on the release of the new platform, MetaCompliance CEO Robert O’Brien said “Our team has been working on MetaLearning for over two years; it was a natural extension to our product suite and to existing products like MyCompliance. Customers need to ensure that their staff are adequately trained and that key policies are being followed. Hence the natural blend of a learning management platform and  policy management software.”

O’Brien continues, “MetaCompliance is a software development company, we saw a gap in the market for a fit for purpose, modern LMS platform that allowed not just SCORM but all content to be displayed in a modern web interface. We could not find this technology, so decided to build one from the ground up. MetaCompliance are not in the business of developing learning content, that market is already served by some fine, long standing vendors, rather we seek to take the underlying technology to the next generation whilst keeping compatibility with existing standards.

MetaLearning will be unveiled to MetaCompliance customers at the annual customer event on 17th September 2013 at the IOD at Pall Mall in London.

About Metacompliance

Metacompliance has a clear vision of making Compliance and IT Security easier for organisations. The software can ensure the active participation of all staff in compliance initiatives such as policies, elearning and surveys, thus mitigating the risk of compliance incident and the associated fines. The software can be used to demonstrate that staff understand content such as policies by being tested with questions. Delivering increased user participation in compliance and IT Security campaigns provides the audit information to generate reports that allow the organisation to demonstrate its “duty of care” to Regulators.

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