MetaCompliance Release Long Awaited Return of Cyber Security eLearning Series Cyber Police

September 4, 2023
Cyber Police

MetaCompliance, the European leader in Security Awareness Training solutions, has announced the eagerly anticipated return of its captivating eLearning series, Cyber Police. Now in its second season, Cyber Police has been produced by MetaCompliance’s in-house creative learning studio, City Factory Productions and promises to redefine the landscape of cyber security training.

Building upon the success of season one, the live-action series takes inspiration from the gripping format of a police drama and applies it to the world of cyber security eLearning. 

Following a nail-biting season one finale, the new series resumes with the investigation into the cyber security breach at Cyber Police Headquarters as they continue their pursuit of the elusive “Tin Man.”

MetaCompliance Release Long Awaited Return of Cyber Security eLearning Series Cyber Police

Amidst the compelling plot developments, lessons about the human side of cyber security are subtly placed throughout the episodes. Unlike traditional Security Awareness Training, Cyber Police offers a Netflix-style experience without sacrificing educational value. Each episode educates end users, unraveling the tactics employed by cybercriminals to exploit human error.

The seven-part series is designed to tackle the challenge of engagement in eLearning and shed light on common cyber threats, such as phishing, social media, passwords and physical security.

MetaCompliance CEO, Robert O’Brien, emphasised the significance of this approach: “The key differentiator of Cyber Police is its ability to create behavior change, a critical factor often missing in conventional Security Awareness Training. Cyber Police creates a binge-worthy eLearning experience to teach employees real-world application on how to improve their cyber security behaviours.”

With the production for Cyber Police season three already underway, the future of Security Awareness Training promises to engage, educate, and empower end users to make informed decisions to protect their organisations.

Season two of Cyber Police is now available on the MyCompliance platform for Premium Plus customers.

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