Newcastle-Under-Lyme County Council Adopts Compliance Management System

September 25, 2014

Proving that policy management software is still a major requirement for Local Authorities, the team at MetaCompliance are pleased to welcome Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, to their list of Local Government customers.

Information Governance is a very important issue for the Public Sector right now. That’s because Information Technology underpins most of the government’s initiatives surrounding the use of electronic records to obtain efficiencies, reduce costs and provide a higher value service to tax payers. Providing suitable processes and controls to mitigate the risks arising from the “Human Factor” was never going to be easy. This combined with the ever increasing demands placed on Local Authorities from industry changes like Social Media, Cloud and Mobile Devices, place user awareness as a number one priority.

Julie Ray, Customer and ICT Projects Manager at Newcastle-under-Lyme explained how the new Enterprise Policy Management system has allowed them to effortlessly and successfully engage with staff, guaranteeing user awareness of information security policies and procedures.

“MetaCompliance was purchased primarily to manage the rollout of Information Assurance policies.  From the outset however we recognised the potential of using this software for a much wider range of policies and communications which can be centrally managed.”

Julie realised that the software was an asset to the council as it not only allowed information and policies to be presented to staff but that it would “assist with planning future awareness campaigns & provide necessary information without overloading employees” the software also allows the Council to capture and evidence employee agreement to policies, which is crucial for reporting.

MetaCompliance Managing Director Robert O’Brien responded by saying, “Local Authorities like Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council are adopting the MetaCompliance “best of breed” IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) solutions as a first step in addressing the employee training and awareness issue within their organisation”. He went on to comment “The real effort will now begin for the Information Governance team as they use the software to deploy their key policies, procedures and training in order to obtain the right level of attention from their employees, Board and 3rd Party contractors”.

About MetaCompliance

MetaCompliance has a clear vision of making Compliance and IT Security easier for organisations. The software can ensure the active participation of all staff in compliance initiatives such as policies, eLearning and surveys, thus mitigating the risk of compliance incident and the associated fines. The software can be used to demonstrate that staff understand content such as policies by being tested with questions. Delivering increased user participation in compliance and IT Security campaigns provides the audit information to generate reports that allow the organisation to demonstrate its “duty of care” to Regulators.

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