Policy Management Finalist in the Network Computing Awards

February 5, 2013
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Metacompliance, the UK’s leading User Awareness and Policy Management System company, has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Network Computing Magazine awards, for the second consecutive year. The company’s leading product MetaCompliance Advantage® has been nominated as the Network Infrastructure Product of the Year award. The MetaCompliance® suite of software ensures that all network users satisfy their compliance obligations and sign up to all the key IT Security and network policies. This Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution solves key compliance issues with simple, innovative software.

Speaking about the nomination Metacompliance CEO Robert O’Brien explained:

“As use of Public Service Networks herald greater collaboration within the Public Sector, it also requires greater levels of quality for IT Security and Governance. The key to this quality is for user awareness and accountability to be consistent with the levels of access to data. Higher levels of user understanding as to the possible negative outcomes of casual or negligent use of data is a critical success factor” said O’Brien. “The MetaCompliance Policy Management System is the essential tool for automating these repetitive and laborious awareness activities required for network users”.

The Network Computing Awards were set up to recognise the achievements of UK companies involved with hardware, software and IT services. The nominations for finalists are voted for companies which have most impressed the readers of the UK’s longest established computer networking publication.

The nominations process led to a short list of finalists in a number of categories. On-line voting will now ultimately determine the winners.

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Voting Closes 5th March 2013.

Awards to be presented 14th March, Hotel Russell, Russell Square, London