RSA Insurance extends its use of MetaCompliance Policy Management software within their organization.

September 25, 2014

The RSA Group has been present in the UK and Ireland for over 300 years. They are an established and trusted organisation who meet the insurance and risk management needs of a significant number of businesses of all sizes. Compliance policy management and auditing are a critical part of the governance environment within RSA Insurance and they have been using the MetaCompliance product since 2008. The company has since extended its use of the software into its latest acquisitions in order to underpin its ISO27001 security program.

Declan Tobin, Security & Compliance Manager at RSA praised MetaCompliance software as a value for money, “fit for purpose” solution for tackling policy and user awareness within their organisation. He stated “the MetaCompliance product allows our company to distribute Information Security awareness material to all staff in addition to other mandatory company policies. RSA Business Principles include adhering ‘to the applicable laws, regulations and standards in all countries in which we operate. It is therefore imperative that all employees are aware of key policies that are in place”.

Mr. Tobin continued by saying “all such policies, associated surveys and compliance levels can then be easily reported and audited. RSA currently use this product for the distribution and compliance to the key elements such as Acceptable Use Policy, Business Continuity policy, and the Data Protection Policy.”

The praise was not just limited to the software itself, Mr. Tobin went on to commend the MetaCompliance team by saying  “the MetaCompliance team is best in class in terms of support , we receive regular updates in regard to vendor awareness material, product updates, issue resolution etc. RSA have been using this product for 5 years which is a testament to both the product and the support team.”

MetaCompliance Managing Director Robert O’Brien responded by saying “compliance within the Financial industry has become a critical issue at Board level. It is only by have repeatable and consistent approaches to staff participation that an organisation like RSA can ensure its duty of care. We have identified a trend were customer organisations extend their use of our software products as their internal compliance processes mature or they evolve through M&A activity”.

About Metacompliance

Metacompliance has a clear vision of making Compliance and IT Security easier for organisations. The software can ensure the active participation of all staff in compliance initiatives such as policies, elearning and surveys, thus mitigating the risk of compliance incident and the associated fines. The software can be used to demonstrate that staff understand content such as policies by being tested with questions. Delivering increased user participation in compliance and IT Security campaigns provides the audit information to generate reports that allow the organisation to demonstrate its “duty of care” to Regulators.

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