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Control User Provisioning And Deprovisioning With SCIM

The February edition of MetaCompliance’s monthly customer newsletter is here! This release is bursting with brand-new eLearning content, awareness resources, and seasonal phishing templates.

We’re also excited to tell you more about our cross-domain identity management (SCIM) integrations within MyCompliance. With SCIM functionality, Admins can quickly and easily provision and deprovision users in MyCompliance from their identity management provider, such as Microsoft Azure and Okta. 

The integration creates a seamless one-click login for users, streamlines the onboarding/offboarding of employees, and helps to improve security and standardized processes.


eLearning Library Updates

UK GDPR Series Available Now

Privacy is an ongoing concern for every organisation, however, the notion of consent isn’t without its complications. To help organisations navigate data protection protocols, we are excited to announce the launch of our UK GDPR series. The series includes 11 engaging Nano videos and 6 interactive elements that focus on the UK’s specific privacy requirements. These titles will help you to educate and inform your staff on the current legislation and ensure compliance.

Simply search for ‘UK GDPR’ in the eLearning library on the MyCompliance platform.

Role-Based Phishing Titles – Coming Soon!

Everyone in an organisation must understand how to recognise common cyber threats. However, different roles will face their own, unique challenges and risks.

Just as cybercriminals change their approach based on their audience, the same must be done for security awareness training content. Our role-based Phishing titles highlight the specific threats associated with critical roles in an organisation. By providing training that is targeted and personalised, users are more likely to resonate and understand how to manage the cyber risks they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

These titles will be available soon in 16 languages!

What's New in MyCompliance?

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Help users recognise a Phish with our Red Flag Learning Experiences

Phish create

Tailor Phishing templates to reflect real attacks


Minimise the data protection risks of a project using our DPIA Register

Awareness Assets

Security Awareness Audience Planner

Security Awareness Audience Planner

Our Security Awareness Audience Planner can help organise your awareness campaign for the year and tailor awareness communications to specific audiences in your organisation.

By tailoring training to an individual’s typical work profile, tasks, and level of risk, it is more likely to resonate and improve their cyber security behaviours.

Upcoming Webcasts

Insider threats - no date

Insider Threats: The Dangers Within

Date: 24/02/22 15:00 GMT

Whether accidentally or deliberately, employees can put organisations at significant risk of a cyber attack.

Join us for our upcoming webcast titled ‘Insider Threats: The Dangers Within’, with Cyber Security Advisor at ESET, Jake Moore. This 45-minute webcast explores the types of insider threats that can impact your organisation and how to protect against risky employee behaviours, from the careless to the malicious.

Did You Know?

Increase Employee's Understanding of Your Policies

Increase Employee’s Understanding of Your Policies

In order to ensure that employees have read and understood policies before signing, admins can create and attach surveys to new and existing policies. This helps to obtain staff affirmation of content and embed a culture of compliance in your organisation.

Assigning a pass mark to a survey confirms that the obtained knowledge is correctly applied and stimulates the end user’s knowledge retention.

Learn how to save or publish a policy with an attached survey.

Meet The Team

What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano and Why.

Printer Safety and Working from Home” is my favourite Nano because of its relevance to organisations and employees who have adapted to different working environments due to the pandemic. We often see our homes as a safe space, and it is easy to become complacent whilst working from home. However, cyber risks are increased whilst working away from an office environment. This Nano highlights how staff can securely dispose of data from printers whilst working from home.

What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano and Why.

Jill Graham

Customer Success Manager

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