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All New Microsoft Teams App! Users Take Training and Policies Without Leaving Teams

The year may have just started, but it’s all systems go here at MetaCompliance HQ! We’re hitting the ground running with a jam-packed January release, including our brand new MyCompliance Teams App, new eLearning content, product updates, phishing templates and more.

Many organisations struggle to engage users to complete any type of training. The key is to choose the path of least resistance, and make it easy for employees to engage. With the MyCompliance Teams App, users can complete their Security Awareness Training and policies without leaving the familiarity of the Microsoft Teams platform. This new feature will help to increase user engagement, improve adoption levels and make consumption easier.

Teams App

eLearning Library Updates

Updated UK GDPR Nano Titles

A lot has changed since 2018, from mass remote working to the introduction of the UK GDPR.

To reflect the changes to the UK’s privacy requirements, our refreshed GDPR eLearning series includes 17 new titles. These include 11 engaging Nano videos and 6 interactive elements that will help you meet the UK GDPR compliance requirements.


Valentine’s Phishing Templates

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…but Cupid isn’t the only one looking for targets! There are many clever tactics used by cybercriminals to take advantage when love is in the air, including malicious Valentine’s Day e-cards, fake delivery emails and online dating scams. 

To help employees avoid identity theft, financial fraud and heartbreak, we’ve created a collection of Valentine’s-themed phish templates that imitate popular brands, including Amazon, Moonpig and Interflora.

What's New in MyCompliance?


Use MyCompliance Cloud Customer API to extract data without logging on

phish chart

Assess the effectiveness of phish campaigns with a comparison report


Improve user engagement with a customised MyCompliance homepage

stop this step

Remove individual campaign steps using the Stop Step feature

Scam of the Month

MicrosoftTeams-image (105)

Scam of the Month: Beware of Fake NHS Email Profiting from PCR Tests

In an effort to prey on the public’s growing fears, fraudsters have been quick to take advantage of the Omicron Coronavirus variant, with a new phishing scam.

Our Phish Template Library has now been updated to help raise awareness of this current threat and prevent your staff from falling victim to a phishing attack.

Simply filter the templates by searching the name ‘NHS PCR Tests’.

Upcoming Webcasts

why so serious - not date

Security Awareness Training: Why So Serious?

Date: 27/01/22 15:00 GMT

Cyber security is serious stuff.

The problem is that many organisations believe that because of the dangers of cyber attacks, awareness training must also be delivered in a serious manner.

Join us for our upcoming webcast with Cyber Security Awareness Expert, Dana Mantilia, titled ‘Security Awareness Training: Why So Serious?’ This 30-minute webinar explores how humour can be used as an effective tool for communication, education and employee engagement.

Did You Know?

Upload your content

Upload Custom Videos and Policies to a Fusion Course

Our Fusion courses allow you to upload custom messages, including introduction videos and messages from your CEO.

By adding your own videos, organisations can highlight the importance of training, help educate employees about key policies and make it more engaging for users.

Learn how you can upload your own videos and policies to a Fusion course.

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What is your favourite eLearning

How Social Media is used as a Phishing Tool is my favourite Nano title, as it highlights how cybercriminals harvest social media apps to exploit end users using social media competitions. For me, this Nano stands out, as it educates end-users both in a professional capacity, as well as translating across into their personal life. As Facebook, LinkedIn and other social apps continue to grow, it’s vital that your employees understand the dos and don’ts and understand the risks when using the apps.”

What is your favourite eLearning

Niall Keenan

Customer Success Manager