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Improved Reporting Avoids User Fatigue

The May edition of the MetaBytes newsletter has arrived and we’re stepping into Spring with new eLearning content, product updates, phishing templates and more

You’ve asked and we’ve listened…we’re excited to introduce two brand-new reports, coming later this month!

Using the Campaign Schedule Report, organisations can now track the expected date and time campaign emails will be delivered to specific users. This helps to ensure that new users are not bombarded with too much training material at once.

The good news doesn’t stop there! To help demonstrate compliance standards to auditors, we’ve also launched a new Category Overview Report. Using this report, Administrators can view, at a glance, the overall adoption levels for all content according to standards, such as ISO27001, PCI DSS, or for MyCompliance Organisational Categories.


eLearning Library Updates

Phishing Templates for This Time of Year.

Phishing Templates for This Time of Year.

Cybercriminals will often exploit current events and trending topics to capture the attention of unsuspecting victims and lure them into downloading a malicious attachment or clicking a suspicious link.

To avoid a phishing-related security incident, employees must know how to spot a phishing attack.

To increase awareness in your organisation, we’ve created a collection of timely phishing templates, including ‘Summer Holiday Sales’, ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’. These templates imitate well-known brands, such as The Holiday Inn, Virgin Holidays and Bloomingdales. 

Ukrainian Crisis – Latest Multi-Lingual Cyber Training

The escalating conflict in Ukraine has changed the risk posture of many organisations across the globe.

To enhance employee vigilance in light of the greatly increased threat landscape, we’ve released a new Nano, titled ‘Ukrainian Crisis – Updated Employee Cyber Awareness’. This aims to help organisations mitigate the risk of Russian cyber attacks by educating employees on how to recognise and respond to common cyber threats.

The title is now available in 17 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

All New eLearning – Cyber Security Essentials

Cyber attacks are a constantly evolving cyber threat. To reflect changes in the cyber security space and help organisations maintain and improve security awareness, we’ve released three refresher titles within the Cyber Security Essentials series.

These include, ‘Phishing – The Essentials’, ‘Remote Working – The Essentials’ and ‘Passwords – The Essentials’. These titles aim to reiterate important cyber security best practices, without using repetitive content, to help improve employee engagement levels and drive behaviour change.

What's New in MyCompliance?


MetaPrivacy Module – Provide a full audit trail of register records, and keep track of changes easily.


MetaPrivacy Module – Manage the life cycle of Data Subject Requests rights using our upgraded DSAR module.

New Podcast


Beyond the Firewall

MetaCompliance has launched a brand-new podcast, ‘Beyond the Firewall.’

With guest speakers from around the globe, ‘Beyond the Firewall’ aims to shine a light on the complexities and challenges surrounding the human aspect of cyber security and compliance. It explores why people are at the center of Information Security and Data Protection, and how to truly engage end-users to create behavioural change.

To listen to the monthly podcast, visit Stitcher, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

Upcoming Webcasts

Resistance to Cyber Resilience

Resistance to Cyber Resilience

Date: 26/05/22 15:00 GMT

In today’s fast-changing, digital world, cyber threats are rapidly evolving.

As cyber attacks become more destructive and unpredictable, organisations must build a cyber-resilient posture to effectively prepare, respond, and recover from inevitable cyber disruptions.

Join us for our upcoming webcast, titled ‘Resistance to Cyber Resilience’, with CISO at Scoutbee, Greg van der Gaast. This webcast will explore how organisations can remain cyber resilient, overcome inertia and drive behaviour change.

Did You Know?

Identify Recurring Phish Victims

Identify Recurring Phish Victims

With the Recurring Phish Victims Report, Admins can identify end-users who have interacted with more than one phishing simulation. This helps organisations to detect high-risk users who may require additional training.

Using the report, Admins can also compare those phishing simulations that end-users have opened, but not actually clicked the link.

Learn how to identify recurring phish victims using this report.

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What Is Your Favourite eLearning Nano

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