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Discover our suite of personalised Security Awareness Training solutions, designed to empower and educate your team against modern cyber threats. From policy management to phishing simulations, our platform equips your workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to safeguard your organisation.

Cyber Security eLearning

Cyber Security eLearning to Explore our Award-Winning eLearning Library, Tailored for Every Department

Security Awareness Automation

Schedule Your Annual Awareness Campaign In A Few Clicks

Phishing Simulation

Stop Phishing Attacks In Their Tracks With Award-Winning Phishing Software

Policy Management

Centralise Your Policies In One Place And Effortlessly Manage Policy Lifecycles

Privacy Management

Control, Monitor, and Manage Compliance with Ease

Incident Management

Take Control Of Internal Incidents And Remediate What Matters



Explore the versatility of our solutions across diverse industries. From the dynamic tech sector to healthcare, delve into how our solutions are making waves across multiple sectors. 

Financial Services

Creating A First Line Of Defence For Financial Service Organisations


A Go-To Security Awareness Solution For Governments


A Security Awareness Training Solution For Large Enterprises

Remote Workers

Embed A Culture Of Security Awareness - Even At Home

Education Sector

Engaging Security Awareness Training For The Education Sector

Healthcare Workers

See Our Tailored Security Awareness For Healthcare Workers

Tech Industry

Transforming Security Awareness Training In The Tech Industry

NIS2 Compliance

Support Your Nis2 Compliance Requirements With Cyber Security Awareness Initiatives



From posters and policies to ultimate guides and case studies, our free awareness assets can be used to help improve cyber security awareness within your organisation.

Cyber Security Awareness For Dummies

An Indispensable Resource For Creating A Culture Of Cyber Awareness

Dummies Guide To Cyber Security Elearning

The Ultimate Guide To Implementing Effective Cyber Security Elearning

Ultimate Guide To Phishing

Educate Employees About How To Detect And Prevent Phishing Attacks

Free Awareness Posters

Download These Complimentary Posters To Enhance Employee Vigilance

Anti Phishing Policy

Create A Security-Conscious Culture And Promote Awareness Of Cyber Security Threats

Case Studies

Hear How We’re Helping Our Customers Drive Positive Behaviour In Their Organisations

A-Z Cyber Security Terminology

A Glossary Of Must-Know Cyber Security Terms

Cyber Security Behavioural Maturity Model

Audit Your Awareness Training And Benchmark Your Organisation Against Best Practice

Free Stuff

Download Our Free Awareness Assets To Improve Cyber Security Awareness In Your Organisation

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With 18+ years of experience in the Cyber Security and Compliance market, MetaCompliance provides an innovative solution for staff information security awareness and incident management automation. The MetaCompliance platform was created to meet customer needs for a single, comprehensive solution to manage the people risks surrounding Cyber Security, Data Protection and Compliance.

Why Choose Us

Learn Why Metacompliance Is The Trusted Partner For Security Awareness Training

Employee Engagement Specialists

We Make It Easier To Engage Employees And Create a Culture of Cyber Awareness

Security Awareness Automation

Easily Automate Security Awareness Training, Phishing And Policies In Minutes


Meet the MetaCompliance Leadership Team

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Latest News, Software and eLearning Updates

Helping you engage employees and change organisational culture

Planned Maintenance is scheduled to be completed on the MyCompliance Platform on Saturday 7th January 2023 & Saturday 14th January 2023. During this time users should not experience any downtime.

Cyber Police, Season One: Everyone’s A Target

The wait is almost over! Cyber Police, Season One, is coming to your screens on January 16th!

Season One includes a gripping storyline that brings cyber security messaging to life. By making cyber threats more relatable and real to people in their everyday lives, you can dramatically improve user retention of key cyber security best practices.

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, with an interview from our CEO, Robbie O’Brien.

eLearning Library Updates

Jan Phish

Empower Employees to ‘Catch a Phish’

We’ve created a collection of localised phish templates that imitate global supermarkets, including Tesco and Carrefour, as well as Outlook and Amazon.

Available from the 30th January, these templates will help educate your employees on how to detect and defend against phishing attacks.

Essentials Langauges

New Languages Added to ‘Cyber Essentials’ Series

Our Cyber Essentials series will be available in ten new languages, including French, Spanish and Chinese, to help you reiterate the importance of good cyber hygiene.

What's New in MyCompliance?

Localised Phish to Better Engage Employees

Send a simulated phish in multiple languages to successfully educate users on the tricks of phishers. Simply choose your languages; then, select your template and Learning Experience.
Simulated Phish Langauges 1

Awareness Resource

Resources Posters

Increase Staff Vigilance using Cyber Awareness Posters

Download our collection of cyber awareness posters to keep cyber threats top of mind in your workplace. These posters are designed to capture the attention of staff to help cultivate a culture of enhanced security awareness and reduce human risk.

Upcoming Webcast

Feb Webcast 1

Get Smart about Smartphone Cyber Security

Join MetaCompliance CEO, Robbie O’Brien, and Social Engineer and People Hacker, Jenny Radcliffe, on our upcoming webcast ‘Get Smart about Smartphone Cyber Security’. This 45-minute webcast explores why smartphones have become a significant attack vector and how organisations can mitigate the risks.

Did You Know?

Create a Prep Test

Test User Knowledge Using Pre-Tests

Add a Pre-test to the beginning of your Fusion course to assess user prior knowledge and understanding. Users who pass the Pre-test won’t be required to complete the course and will be marked as complete.

Meet The Team

What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano, and Why?

My favourite Nano video is “Types of Phishing – The Essentials” as phishing is a big threat for every organisation today. MetaCompliance has released a wide range of phish videos that cover important messaging that all staff need to be aware of. However, this nano video provides a perfect summary of those points as a recap.


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