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You've Asked, We've Listened - MetaLearning 6.0

We are always working to optimize your MyCompliance experience, so we’re excited to be launching the completely redesigned and much-improved MetaLearning 6.0 this month! We’ve made significant changes to our award-winning learning management system, based on user feedback. We are confident that the new user-friendly workflows and features will make learning content easier to navigate, and help make creating courses much simpler.

This release of our learning management system brings clear categorisation of our eLearning content library. Now you can sort hundreds of nanos by role, key risks, and threats. Based on the new filtering functionality, you can easily find the relevant content for your course and target audience.

We’ve published several Knowledge Articles here to help with the reconfigured workflows and navigation, and encourage you to take a tour to get a sneak peek and learn what’s new!

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eLearning Library Updates

Keep Staff Awareness Top of Mind with Cyber Security Essentials Training

Side effects from the COVID 19 pandemic, ongoing political unrest, and ever more sophisticated methods are all contributing factors to the steep incline of successful global cyber attacks; the number of which are estimated to be around 2,200 per day.

To avoid falling victim to a breach, cyber security awareness needs to be an integral part of an organisation’s culture. Train staff on the risks and corporate consequences of poor cyber hygiene with three new Nanos in the latest Cyber Security Essentials series. They include “Hybrid Working Cybersecurity Threats”, “Types Of Phishing – The Essentials”, and “Spear Phishing – The Essentials”.

Seasonal Phish Oct22

Train Staff to Recognise and Avoid Phishing Attacks

According to CSO Online, phishing attacks account for more than 80% of reported security incidents. Using too-good-to-be-true offers or inciting a sense of urgency are popular ways attackers attempt to trick people into clicking links and sharing personal information.

To test your staff on spotting the the tell-tale signs of a phish, use our new phish templates in your next campaigns. These templates cover timely events such as The World Cup in Qatar and Halloween offers from Wayfair, as well as an enticing competition with a local cinema.

What's New in MyCompliance?

Reinforce Key Messages and Have Fun with Seasonal Outros

MetaLearning 6.0: How Can I Add a Quiz to a Fusion Course?

Free Resources

What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano and Why?

My favourite Nano is “The Importance of Incident Reporting”. This Nano provides a great overview of what an incident is, and highlights the importance of being able to identify them so the correct action can be taken to remedy them. Whether accidental or deliberate, an unreported threat can have serious consequences and this Nano is a good reminder of that.


Caitlin McBride

Cloud Implementation Lead


Role Based Interactions

Increase User Engagement with Role-Based Interactions for Your Courses

Interactions add an extra level of interactivity to your course to keep learners engaged. Since every department faces their own unique cyber security challenges, we’ve released new role-specific interactions for the nine most targeted roles in an organisation.
These interactions help to reinforce the learning objectives and are available in 16 languages.

Free Resources

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Level Up Your Cyber Security Awareness Month Campaigns

Cyber crime is constantly evolving, with scammers finding new ways to defraud their victims every day. Staying one step ahead of these perpetrators is essential in protecting people, organisations, and reputations.

With Cyber Security Awareness Month around the corner, we’ve created a number of free resources that you can use in your organisation to promote awareness and support this annual initiative. Download our Campaign Template to help with your planning, and print and hang posters around the office to remind employees to be vigilant.

Upcoming Webcasts

Nightmare Webcast

Cyber Security: Is the Nightmare Between the Chair and the Keyboard?


Despite increased investment in cyber security initiatives, organisations continue to be impacted by cyber attacks. Almost all successful breaches share one variable in common: human error. The reality is organisations face a very real danger of threat from within.

This 40-minute webcast with People Hacker and Social Engineer, Jenny Radcliffe, explores the human dimension to cyber vulnerabilities and solving cyber security’s people problem.

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