This policy describes the two tiers of support services (standard and enhanced) that are provided to customers using the Services or Bespoke Services. All Customers are provided with standard support services upon contracting for the delivery of Services. Enhanced support is only provided to Customers who have purchased this service, as detailed in any Pricing Proposal or Agreement to Purchase provided.


Metacompliance will provide technical support to all its Customers and Authorised Users.

Any support provided by Metacompliance is limited to Metacompliance Software and Services and to problems reproducible by the Customer and its Authorised Users.

Metacompliance responsibilities

Metacompliance will provide support services to all Authorised Users in accordance with the tier contracted, as defined within the Scope and detailed below. Please note, contact with MetaCompliance should be via an Administrative User.

Standard Support Provision

Metacompliance provide support online via documentation and videos.  These support resources, known as the Administrator Academy, are accessible once logged on to the MetaCompliance Software.

Before any support request is made to Metacompliance, Users shall in the first instance, attempt to resolve their queries and identify the cause of the given problem, using the online support materials available via the Administrator Academy help functionality

Metacompliance’s support desk will be manned by competent staff providing Administrative Users with technical support and advice on the use of Metacompliance Software by email in clear written or spoken English.

Administrative Users can contact Metacompliance’s support staff during standard business hours, to raise any concerns or queries regarding the use of Metacompliance Software.

Standard business hours: Monday to Friday (excluding U.K. Bank Holidays) from 09.00 GMT to 17.00 GMT

By email to [email protected].

All enquiries will be logged in our helpdesk software and issued with a unique ticket reference. All support enquiries will be responded to within 12 business hours

Service Commitment

Metacompliance will apply all commercial and technological efforts to make the software available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage (defined below) of at least 99.99%, in each case during any monthly billing cycle. This monitoring includes monitoring and alerting on all services used on the MyCompliance Platform. The Status of the Platform can be checked at any stage, here.

“Monthly Uptime Percentage” is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of minutes during the month in which the Products and Services, were unavailable to the Licensee”.

“Månedlig Oppetidsprocent” beregnes ved at trække procentdelen af minutter i løbet af den måned, hvor Softwaren og Services ikke var tilgængelige for Kunden, fra 100%. Status for platformen kan kontrolleres når som helst her.

Enhanced Support Provision

To supplement the support provided as standard, enhanced support customers will receive the below:

  1. Enhanced business hours: Monday to Friday (excluding U.K. Bank Holidays) from 08.00 GMT to 22.00 GMT
  1. Call logging by email to [email protected] and by telephone to 00 44 2871 359777
  1. Target Response Times: 

A key aspect of the enhanced support provision is the “target response time” which is outlined in the following table:

SeverityDefinitionTarget Response Time
Priority 1Critical Problem  

Serious impact on The Licensee’s business operation  

The Licensee’s ability to progress work is at a standstill or is very seriously impaired.   All or most users affected
2 Hours
Priority 2Moderate Problem  

It is difficult to achieve operational objectives and day-to-day business is affected.  

A substantial number of users or a functional business area is impacted e.g. a department.
4 Hours
Priority 3Low Level Problem  

The Licensee can carry out most or all of their daily tasks.  

Could range from a few users moderately affected to all users with a minor problem.
12 Hours
Priority 4Minor Problem  

The issue is minor and affects one or two users.
24 Hours
Priority 5Information Request  

An end user has asked for some information not readily available to first line support.
Best Endeavors

Unique Customer Management

Customers with enhanced support packages will receive a nominated Customer Success Manager who will be an escalation point for the customer should the customer require additional assistance from Metacompliance.

Customer and Users’ responsibilities

When contacting Metacompliance’s support desk, Administrative Users will define the problem requiring support and shall provide as much information as possible about the nature of the defect and its reproducibility to Metacompliance.