Cloud Software provides solution for 2018 GDPR regulation

November 28, 2016
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MetaCompliance supply compliance and cyber security software along with staff training to organisations looking to mitigate the risks that lead to financial sanction and reputational damage.

The challenges of cyber security and compliance are changing and increasing rapidly as hackers evolve their threat capabilities. This is one of the reasons why the European Union has enacted an extensive new data protecting regulation that compels organisations dealing with European citizens’ personal data to significantly improve “their game”. The possible fines and reputational damage associated with a data protection breach means that Executives and Boards of Directors cannot afford to ignore the organisational change and investment required to deliver a fit for purpose GDPR regime.

MetaCompliance are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of their award winning cloud solution that has been tailored to match the implementation phases required to achieve compliance with GDPR: Prepare, Operate and Maintain.

Developed in conjunction with existing MetaCompliance customers, MyCompliance Cloud – GDPR Solution delivers the necessary framework required for the systematic deployment of a GDPR strategy.

“Organisations are familiar with deploying large compliance projects such as Anti-Trust or Sarbanes Oxley. However, having learned the costly mistakes of developing in-house solutions, Management are looking for off the shelf solutions that automate key processes and provide tangible compliance reporting”, stated Robert O’Brien, founder & CEO at MetaCompliance. “The MyCompliance Cloud – GDPR Solution has been developed to kick start GDPR delivery efforts whilst providing a platform by which GDPR and other Data Protection regulations can be managed as a business as usual function”.

The software provides cloud functionality that allows teams within the Enterprise such as Legal, Marketing, Risk and Information Security to manage the adoption of GDPR from one central administration console. From subject rights requests to data breach management, MyCompliance Cloud – GDPR Solution has been developed to provide the necessary functionality to help organisations meet the challenges of GDPR implementation prior to, and following, the May 2018 deadline.

If you need help with your GDPR project, we’ve collaborated with subject matter experts to produce GDPR for Dummies in association with Wiley, the official Dummies brand. You can claim your free copy here.

For more information on MyCompliance Cloud – GDPR solution please contact us at [email protected]