Leading Food Supplier Mitigates Compliance Risk with Policy Management Software

September 25, 2014
Policy management

Karro Food Group is one of the leading suppliers of pork employing around 3,000 people. Karro has acquired a fantastic reputation for high quality produce and have established strong farming links across the country. Karro operates from nine sites across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland with its Headquarters in Malton, North Yorkshire. Karro Food Group pork is eaten by millions of consumers every year, and is stocked across the UK by leading retailers, including Tesco, The Co-operative and Sainsbury’s.

During the development of requirements with the team at Metacompliance, IT Security Officer John Cooper at Karro stated that he would like a compliance and policy management system that would allow him to “get all employees more involved in the way the company functions and provide insight in to the reasoning behind the companies’ policies and guidelines”.

Regulatory and legislative changes are a common occurrence in a society highly sensitive to food standards and compliance. This regular change combined with a geographically dispersed user base equals a significant compliance and governance challenge for the food industry.

User awareness of IT Security and Compliance issues is a key requirement. Karro Food Group required a system that “allowed users to be educated with changes in the policy as soon as they are published through a process of e-learning on screen rather than having to attend regular training courses”. This makes the task associated with managing user awareness easier to deploy throughout the regions and it is extremely cost effective.

“The food industry is highly regulated and highly automated” said Robert O’Brien CEO at Metacompliance. “The impact of an incident becomes very high profile within society given our mutual dependence on the food manufacturers. Karro Food Group is committed to the highest standards and takes the compliance awareness of its employees seriously. The deployment of Metacompliance is significant in its determination to automate repetitive compliance activities using best in class software”.

The Metacompliance integrated suite of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software allow reports to be generated for Karro, to prove that all employees have agreed to and understand legislative and company procedures and policies.

“It allows the company to show that we take HR and ICT policies seriously and are committed to keeping up to date with legislation changes” said John Cooper IT Security Officer at Karro.

About MetaCompliance

Metacompliance has a clear vision of making Compliance and IT Security easier for organisations. The software can ensure the active participation of all staff in compliance initiatives such as policies, eLearning and surveys, thus mitigating the risk of compliance incident and the associated fines. The software can be used to demonstrate that staff understand content such as policies by being tested with questions. Delivering increased user participation in compliance and IT Security campaigns provides the audit information to generate reports that allow the organisation to demonstrate its “duty of care” to Regulators.

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