MetaCompliance Extends Language Coverage with Irish Translations

September 16, 2021
Irish Translations

MetaCompliance, the global cyber Security Awareness Training, and compliance specialist has announced the extension of its language coverage with the addition of Irish translations.

The release comes as part of MetaCompliance’s ongoing commitment to increase global accessibility and encourage Irish-speaking employees to embrace their primary language through Security Awareness Training.

As part of the release, MetaCompliance has launched eLearning content, including 29 Irish translated nano titles such as ‘How to Spot a Phish’, ‘Data Handling’, and ‘Email Essentials’. The release also includes a series of phishing email templates that are based on current events and offers from leading brands, including Ryanair, Just Eat, and Bank of Ireland.

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Robert O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance, commented: “The addition of the Irish translations to our platform will enable Gaeilge speaking users to experience training in their native language and help deliver a more immersive training experience“.

In order to get buy-in on a Security Awareness Training program, employees must be able to relate. Engagement is critical to the success of any Security Awareness Training program and localisation is an essential tool to creating content that employees can resonate with. By speaking to people in a way they recognise and feel comfortable with, the learning is much more effective and organisations will experience improvements in engagement, retention of key messaging, and completion rates.

According to new data released by language app Duolingo, the Irish language has seen a surge in interest in recent years, with over 1 million people actively learning Irish every week via the app. As such, Irish is the fastest growing language and the number one language to learn in Ireland.  

MetaCompliance now hosts Security Awareness Training in over 40 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Irish.

To find out more information about MetaCompliance’s localised Security Awareness Training, visit [GU1]