MetaCompliance Win Most Innovative Cyber Security eLearning Solutions Award 2018

June 12, 2018
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MetaCompliance, a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and compliance, has won the award for the Most Innovative Cyber Security eLearning Solutions, by Corporate Vision Magazine.

The award recognises the contribution that MetaCompliance has made in providing customers around the world with high quality and innovative cyber security eLearning.

MetaCompliance’s eLearning solutions combine creativity, expert knowledge and innovative software to deliver effective and engaging content that helps businesses stay cybersecure and compliant.

Using stories, realistic scenarios and narratives for context, MetaLearning provides gamified and animated eLearning services that are engaging and fun for users.

The extensive library of eLearning content includes videos on a range of subjects including; phishing, password safety, GDPR, malware and data security. New titles are released every 3 months to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality and most up to date content available.

Robert O’Brien, MetaCompliance CEO, said: “We are proud to have won the award for the most Innovative Cyber Security eLearning Solutions 2018. The award recognises our commitment to providing customers with the best quality cyber security and compliance content available on the market.

“Our design team are always looking to new, innovative ideas and solutions to deliver the message in a creative and engaging manner. They have effectively used 2D & 3D animation, sound design, motion graphics and kinetic type to ensure users are engaged, whilst taking a creative and innovative approach to the development of each script.”

The award win follows a hugely successful year for the company which has seen it double its turnover, double its workforce, strengthen its product portfolio and secure major new clients across the world.

To meet with the global demand for its products, the company will soon be opening it first North American office as it steps up its operations in North America and across the world.


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Notes to Editors

About MetaCompliance

Founded in 2005, Metacompliance is a global leader in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy compliance. Its innovative cloud platform provides a one-stop-shop management solution for staff awareness and compliance.

The cutting-edge platform provides customers with a fully integrated and multi lingual suite of compliance capabilities that includes policy management, e-learning, simulated phishing, incident management and privacy management, all of which can be purchased on a modular basis or as a complete system.

The platform delivers the highest quality cyber security and compliance e-learning content available on the market. Its ease of use, engaging user experience and regularly updated content ensures staff satisfaction; and enables cyber and compliance professionals to easily track implementation progress and demonstrate ongoing accountability.

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