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Explore the versatility of our solutions across diverse industries. From the dynamic tech sector to healthcare, delve into how our solutions are making waves across multiple sectors. 

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From posters and policies to ultimate guides and case studies, our free awareness assets can be used to help improve cyber security awareness within your organisation.

Cyber Security Awareness For Dummies

An Indispensable Resource For Creating A Culture Of Cyber Awareness

Dummies Guide To Cyber Security Elearning

The Ultimate Guide To Implementing Effective Cyber Security Elearning

Ultimate Guide To Phishing

Educate Employees About How To Detect And Prevent Phishing Attacks

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A-Z Cyber Security Terminology

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With 18+ years of experience in the Cyber Security and Compliance market, MetaCompliance provides an innovative solution for staff information security awareness and incident management automation. The MetaCompliance platform was created to meet customer needs for a single, comprehensive solution to manage the people risks surrounding Cyber Security, Data Protection and Compliance.

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What's New in MyCompliance

New features, fixes, and other improvements to help you get the most out of MyCompliance.


Optimised Speed and Fullscreen Settings

We have made a minor update when playing a fusion course, if an end user has changed their speed settings or has opted to watch the course in full screen then these settings will carry through to all videos elements within the course. This will provide a better viewing experience for end users with less clicks required to achieve their preferred settings when viewing a course.


‘Reported’ column available in Phish Export All Audits

We have made a minor improvement to the export option within Phish – Export All Audits. Previously the ‘Reported’ column was not available within this export. We have now added the column to ensure the report on the platform and the export are aligned.


Generate a Fusion Template

We are excited to release a new feature to our learning module (for our Premium Plus customers) designed to save time when creating a fusion course template. View more here.

You can now generate recommended courses tailored specifically to your needs using three customisable filters:

Risk Category: Select courses based on 12 cyber awareness risk categories.

Course Intensity: Choose the number of nano videos to be included in the course.

Language Filters: Access training in the language that best suits your organisation.

gen a template



Employee Risk Scores & Engagement Dashboard

We are excited to release a new feature that allows for the generation an employee risk score based of several ‘risk factors’. This feature includes new Admin and End User dashboards that provides an overview of employee risks, preferred departmental training risks along and content engagement levels.

Before turning on risk scores, we would advise reading the following knowledge article.

risk dashboard



‘Phish Failures’ column in Recurring Phish Victims Report

This column provides insights into the number of phishing simulations the end user interacted with. If a phish is interacted with, the ‘Phish Failures’ column will increase count by 1, regardless of how many times the link was clicked. This ensures a clearer understanding of user engagement in this high-level report.

You can now also choose which columns to display and save your preferred view effortlessly. By default, ‘Number of links clicked’ and ‘Number of attachments opened’ will be hidden, ensuring a cleaner report interface.

Phish Failures


Setting email reminders per content

Now, you can tailor the number of reminders for each course, policy, or survey individually, without any impact on other live content. This means you have the flexibility to manage your reminders exactly how you want.

Customise number of email reminders

But wait, there’s more! In response to your feedback, we’ve also added the ability for admins to adjust the timing of email reminders. This means you can now schedule your reminders to be sent at the most convenient time for you.

Time of Reminder Emails

And to make things even better, we’ve updated the default sending time to 8:00 UTC, ensuring that you receive your reminders when they’re most helpful. More information here


Microsoft Defender Integration

Now offering integration with Microsoft Defender – aimed at enhancing security insights, streamlining phishing reporting, and improving risk management for users. More information here 


Show Customer Policy Version to End Users

We are excited to provide a new feature to our policy module that will allow customers to display their internal policy version to their end users rather than the metacompliance system version. Admins can also view this customer policy version via the Policy Overview Report.  View More.

Customer Policy Version


Remove language modal once user confirms preferred language

Introducing a seamless language experience for our users! Once users confirm their preferred language, our platform will remember it for future interactions, delivering content in their chosen language without the hassle of repetitive prompts.

Should users decide to switch languages our modal will courteously inquire if their new selection is their preferred language moving forward.

language modal

Enjoy uninterrupted learning in the language that suits you best.


Updated Allowed Character List for Privacy Module

We have updated the accepted character list for Privacy Registers and Privacy Assessments to allow # characters to be included based on customer feedback.


Increase end user notification emails from 23 to 44 languages

We are excited to improve our email template language list for end users (available for Policy, Survey & Course email template). Customers now have the ability to send the Content Alert email and Uncompliant email in the 44 languages (this includes direct access email templates).

View more here.

7th May 2024
Teams App

MyCompliance Teams App 4.0

We’re delighted to announce the launch of MyCompliance Teams App 4.0, packed with a range of fantastic features designed to elevate user experience.

Here’s what you can look forward to in MyCompliance Teams App 4.0:

  • Continuation of Existing Features: Enjoy all the functionalities you love from the current MyCompliance Teams App, ensuring consistency and familiarity.
  • Notifications: Stay updated with timely alerts similar to Teams chat notifications or channel notifications. These notifications will briefly appear in the bottom right corner of your screen and will also be accessible via the Activity feed within Teams.
  • Viewer Discretion tile: Watch videos here in any language, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.
  • If admins have opted to hide the Mandatory/Optional column on their home page within the platform, this preference will also be reflected in the app.
  • Database regionalisation: Regardless of their database location, all our customers will now access the same instance of the Teams App from the store
  • Essential Security Enhancement: Includes security update for APIM (Azure API Management) to strengthen the overall security of the system

Upgrade Instructions: MyCompliance Teams App 4.0 – Upgrade Process

Screenshot 2024 05 07 165258

1st May 2024

Filter ‘Export All Audits’

Now, you can streamline your exports from the Overview Reports by choosing to export audits of Mandatory or Optional content exclusively. This means you’ll only see the data that’s essential to you, making your export process more efficient and focused.



Editing if content is Mandatory or Optional after publishing

We’re thrilled to announce the ability to edit content types within published policies or courses. This means you now have the power to adjust whether content is marked as mandatory or optional.

When publishing a course or policy, the default selection for content type will now be set to mandatory. This enhancement offers greater flexibility and customisation in tailoring your content to suit your specific needs.


Transitioning to Local CDN for Fonts

We’re excited to announce an update to our website’s font delivery system. In our ongoing efforts to enhance performance, security, and user experience, we’ve made the decision to transition from relying on Google Fonts to hosting our fonts locally on our own Content Delivery Network (CDN). View more information here.

What you need to know:

Seamless Transition of fonts on MyCompliance Platform:

Customers should experience a seamless transition with no action required on their part.

Default Font Changes to Email Templates, Phish Templates and Learning Experiences:

To ensure consistency, we have changed the default fonts that we will be using across our Email Templates, Phish Templates and Learning Experiences.

In some email templates you may notice some small cosmetic changes to the default fonts being used, however the content and layout of our Email Templates, Phish Templates and Learning Experiences remains unchanged.

Note: If you have decided to change your fonts using the email editor, this will not be impacted by the recent changes to the font delivery system.



Session Timeout

We have recently released a new Session Timeout feature that is designed to provide your users extra security protection by automatically logging them out of the platform if their session has been inactive for a period of time. View More.

Session Timeout Company Edit         Session Timeout Logged Out

Here is what you can expect from this feature:

Customisable Session Timeout Periods: Choose the duration after which your session will automatically log out.

Enhanced Security: Protect accounts from unauthorised access by automatically logging out after a specified period of inactivity.

Timeout for Privileged Users Only: Additional option available to only timeout users who have access to increased personal or business sensitive data (such as Admins and Business users).

Seamless Experience: Customers can enjoy uninterrupted browsing without worrying about accidentally leaving their MyCompliance accounts open.


Cyber & Information Security Awareness Campaign Template in 43 languages

‘Cyber & Information Security Awareness Campaign’ is a new version of the Core languages Campaign template, covering 43 languages and 9 essential courses.

Perfect for customers starting their awareness initiatives, this enables Admins to effortlessly set up an all-staff campaign that covers 9 key risks with just a few clicks.

Screenshot 2024 03 05 152324


Update a User’s Preferred Language

We’re thrilled to introduce the ability to assign preferred languages individually and in bulk for all users. This new feature ensures that users receive email alerts in their preferred language right from the start, fostering increased engagement and adoption. View More Info 


‘Long Term Leave’ Status

We’re thrilled to introduce the new ‘Long Term Leave’ status! This addition, alongside ‘Active’ and ‘Disabled,’ provides a more detailed view of user activities for accurate and tailored reporting.

Key Highlights:

  • ‘Long Term Leave’ users maintain platform access ensuring uninterrupted engagement
  • Relevant reports have been streamlined to ensure increased accuracy.
  • ‘Long Term Leave’ users will not be deemed as uncompliant

View More Info


Enhanced Accessibility

We have executed a comprehensive set of design modifications to enhance accessibility for users relying on assistive technologies. The focal areas from the WCAG guidelines that have undergone improvement include:

A ‘Skip to Main Content’ button is also now available.


QR Code Phishing Simulations

We have released a major change to the Phish Module. you will now have the ability to send phishing simulations with QR codes. You can add a QR code to any existing template, create your own QR code template or use a QR code template created by the Creative Team.

Each end user will receive a unique QR code and if they scan the QR code, they will be taken to the data form (if attached) and the selected learning experience.

Any QR codes that are scanned will be captured in Reporting under the column ‘QR Code Scanned’.

The QR code will appear within the body of the email and also as a small attachment, please ensure you have allowlisting in place for attachments for these templates to work as expected.

The first 2 Creative QR Templates are now live to support this feature, available in 44 languages and with associated red flag learning experiences.



Bulk Select Users

We have released a new feature that will allow customers to bulk select users when targeting content to them. Customers will now have the ability to upload list of user emails via a spreadsheet that they require to be targeted, which save a significant amount of time compared to manually selecting users. View More

Bulk select image


Departmental Series Campaign Template – Privileged Users

Our Departmental Series acknowledges the significance of providing security training customised to different job roles and their specific responsibilities.
We have recently launched Privileged Users titles, and now we have introduced a new departmental Campaign Template in English and Extended languages for our Premium Plus customers. This enables Admins to effortlessly set up a departmental campaign that covers 12 key risks with just a few clicks.
Screenshot 2024 01 19 152509


End to End Phish Preview

We have released a major change to the current Phish Creation workflow. This feature will ensure customers can review the full user experience ahead of publishing a phishing simulation. A step has been added to the workflow called ‘Preview’ which will replace the current ‘Send me a Copy’ functionality.


The Preview step will be mandatory ahead of publishing any phishing simulation. The creator of the phish will automatically be selected as a target for the preview and will have the option to add up to 4 additional users to preview the phish. This will send a Phish Preview to the selected users’ inbox.

The Phish Preview will allow the creator and additional previewers to review the following:

  • Phish email template
  • Data form (if attached)
  • Attachment (if attached)
  • Learning experience
  • Exit summary

This will provide the full end user experience ahead of publishing the phish live. A successful preview must be run before the phish can be published. The Preview functionality will also help us ensure that the live phishing simulation will not get blocked and will be successfully delivered to your users.


Hide Completed Archived Policies for End Users

We have added a new setting to the Company Edit page that provides customers with the option to hide completed archived policies from End Users. This setting was introduced to ensure that End Users who have previously completed (accepted) policies are not reading older versions of policies that are now out of date. View More.

hide archived policies