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New features, fixes, and other improvements to help you get the most out of MyCompliance.


Retirement of the Phish Delivery Status Report

We have decided to retire our legacy Phish Delivery Status Report. Customers will still be able to find the status of phish deliveries via our new Phish Overview Report, which provides more columns to filter on and an overall better user experience.

Further information on the retirement of this report and how to add the phish delivery status to the Overview Report can be found here.

phish delivery report message

Teams App

MyCompliance Teams App – Visual Updates

Two minor visual updates have been applied to the MyCompliance Teams App v3.1.0, App service. These changes will ensure users viewing their ‘Outstanding’ content when using any language service other than English on their device will be able to view this table as expected.

We have also added a minor visual update to the Blog, Not Typical eLearning & Incident Management tile headers & buttons to align the information presented.



User Deletion Process Update

A minor update has been applied to the Delete user functionality for email-based users. Once a request to delete a user has been submitted, the user will be disabled on the platform and then queued for deletion. It can take up to 48 hours to delete all data related to the user account (e.g. course completions, policy completions etc.)


Disable Fast Forward Option within Videos

We have now added a new configuration option which, once enabled, will prevent users from being able to fast forward videos within Fusion Courses, Media Courses & Phish Learning Experiences. This will be turned off by default however you will be able to switch this on as needed. View More.



SCORM Transfer Licence Count Update

SCORM Transfer customers will notice a new update to the licence count. This is to accurately reflect the number of SCORM Transfer Licences that are in use within the MyCompliance Platform.



Cyber Police, Season One

Everyone’s A Target: The wait is over! Cyber Police, Season One, is now available!

Season One includes a gripping storyline that brings cyber security messaging to life. By making cyber threats more relatable and real to people in their everyday lives, you can dramatically improve user retention of key cyber security best practices.

The Cyber Police 2


Multi-Language Course, Policy & Survey Email Alerts

We have now added the ability to send Course, Policy & Survey alert emails to end users in multiple languages. The option can be configured per course, policy or survey and currently covers a total of 23 languages.

Using this option will help to increase engagement amongst your users as they are receiving a dedicated email in their preferred language.

Further information on how to enable this new feature can be found here, and further information on how a user’s preferred language is determined can be found here.




New Default Category – NIST Cybersecurity Framework

We have recently added the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (National Institute of Standards and Technology) as a new Default Category to MyCompliance.

Customers can now structure and assign their Policy, Survey, Course and Phish content across these five areas of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. View More.

NIST Image


Multi-Language Phishing Emails

We have recently added the ability to send Phishing Simulations in multiple languages to your users. This update, along with an upgraded layout, will help to reduce the time and effort required to create simulated phish in multiple languages. Now, all you need to do is choose your languages, select your template & learning experience, and then based on your selected users, we will control the sending of the phish in their preferred language. View More.

Multi lingual Phish


MetaPrivacy Review Process Improvements – Reviewers can Update Privacy Assessments

Reviewers now have the ability to add, update and save responses to Privacy Assessments. This feature allows Reviewers and Respondents to have a joint effort when submitting assessments (for example when completing DPIA’s).



MyCompliance – UK Region

The new UK MyCompliance region has gone live. For further information on this please speak to your Customer Success Manager.


MyCompliance Teams App 2.0

The MyComplance Teams App 2.0 has now been released with lots of new features and functionality, please contact your MetaCompliance Representative to upgrade to the latest version.

Alongside the new design & layout, below are the new features included:

  1. Completed & Outstanding Policies, Surveys & Courses now available within the App.
  2. New Blog Tile – Any Blogs that you have enabled on the platform will now be available for review within Teams.
  3. New Report Incident Tile – Customers with the Incident module assigned will now have the ability for end users to report an incident via teams.
  4. New Viewer Discretion Advised Tile – Premium Plus customers can now enable this tile to provide users with access to the non-standard eLearning – City Factory Productions™.
  5. Consistent Tile naming to match Platform – if you have renamed your homepage tiles on the platform, these will now be reflected within their Teams App.
  6. Tile Notifications– a red number icon will be presented next to the Incomplete option if a user has outstanding Policies, Surveys or Courses.
  7. SCORM Course access – Any assigned SCORM courses will now be included within the Course list in Teams app, however upon clicking View you will be directed to the MyCompliance Platform to complete the SCORM Courses there.




User Group Targeting Update

We have removed the limitation of not being able to target individual users within a Group.

Customers utilising SCIM User Provisioning, or who have the below view on the ‘Target‘ tab for all Content Creation pages, will now be able to target individual users within a Group. View More.



MyCompliance 10.0

The MyCompliance Platform has been upgraded to include several improvements to help both Administrators and Users to complete their relevant tasks. These updates include improved platform navigation, enhancements that have been raised direct from our customers, improvements to assist with accessibility & updated page layouts.

  1. The Admin Home & Home options have been removed from the Navigation menu and added into the user drop down at the right corner. View More.
  2. The MyCompliance logo will now direct you to the Homepage. View More. 
  3. Many of the Form layouts have been restructured & improved. View More.
  4. The left Navigation menu has been updated to display Admin tasks to an Administrator & End user only tasks to end users. View More.
  5. The items from the bottom panel have been moved to the Navigation menu or the Profile drop down. View More. 
  6. Text will appear bolder and clearer across the full platform.
  7. Reporting tiles for each Module will now direct you to the relevant Overview report.



MetaLearning 6.0

We are always working to optimize your MyCompliance experience, so we’re excited to launch the completely redesigned and much-improved MetaLearning 6.0! We’ve made significant changes to our award-winning learning management system, based on user feedback. We are confident that the new user-friendly workflows and features will make learning content easier to navigate, and help make creating courses much simpler.

2 1

This release of our learning management system brings clear categorisation of our eLearning content library. Now you can sort hundreds of nanos by role, key risks, and threats. Based on the new filtering functionality, you can easily find the relevant content for your course and target audience.


Additional updates also include:

  1. Introduction of the new ‘Elements Library
  2. Improved Administrator Navigation
  3. Separation of Template Types
  4. New Quiz Previews
  5. Multi-Language Previews
  6. Improved Custom Content Upload
  7. Updated Course Flowbuilder View
  8. Multi-Language Quiz Updates

Find further information on each new update here. Additional Knowledge Articles can be located here to help with the reconfigured workflows and navigation.


Custom Attributes – Data Validation Form

Our new Data Validation Form allows email-based users that have been targeted with a Direct Access course (no login required) to review and update their Custom Attributes before starting a course. View More.


This feature allows Administrators to add new dropdown-type Custom Attributes. If the Data Validation Form has been enabled, the dropdown option Custom Attributes will be displayed to users before starting the Direct Access course.




MetaPrivacy – Assessment Generator

The Assessment Generator button (found on Step 2 within a Program) provides the ability for customers to pull the data from our privacy register records and display the responses within a privacy assessment for the owners to review and update. View more.


This feature includes a clever Summary View option, which allows users to quickly review a snapshot of their responses so they can determine if any changes are required before proceeding to the privacy assessment.

summary view 2


MyCompliance From Address Display Name

You can now add a Custom Display Name to your MyCompliance Email Address. Adding this will help your users recognise that all MyCompliance Notification Emails  are from a trusted sender, and where applicable help to improve engagement. View More.



Reported Simulated Phish Emails

All Simulated Phish emails reported by end users via the MyCompliance Phish Reporter Plugin will now appear on the Phish Overview Report. This will provide Admins with the ability to review the phish results alongside the users who successfully reported the simulation.



Please note that you may need to adjust the Column Visibility to view this new column within the Phish Overview Audit table. View More.


New Fusion Translation Features

Users will now receive an improved translation experience when completing Courses in their preferred language.

Translated Name has now been introduced for all Fusion Course Material. Fusion courses will now appear with increased translations, as shown on the Fusion Course menu below. View More.

Translated Name French Translation


The MyCompliance Site Translation option has also now been extended to the MyCompliance Teams App and SCORM Transfer courses. This will ensure that users receive the same preferred language translation experience wherever they choose to complete the assigned course. This option is dependent on your subscription. View More.

Site Translation

The above updates will be reflected on all existing & new Fusion & SCORM Transfer courses where languages have been included.



New & Improved Fusion Language Features

Users can now select their Preferred Language under their Profile. This will then inform the Fusion Course language drop down so that, if the language is available, the user’s preferred language is pre-selected. To assist with this, we have pre-filled the Preferred Language field with the most common language each user has selected when completing their Fusion Courses. If this information is not available, the user will be defaulted to English. Further details on this update can be found here.


Show Subtitles – All Languages

We have expanded the Show Subtitles option to now include all languages that have been added to the Fusion course, as opposed to English only. Further information on how to enable this can be located here.

This option has also been updated to present users with all available subtitle options when completing their Fusion Course.


Privacy Assessment Translations

An minor update has been applied to ensure that drop down options and radio buttons translate to the selected language when completing and reviewing Privacy Assessments. View More.

Dropdown Translate


Fusion Templates – Create a Copy Option

A minor update has been applied to the ‘Create a Copy’ option within Fusion Templates. This update will ensure Embedded Quiz settings are now copied across to your new Fusion Template. View More.

Fusion Create a Copy update


New Category Overview Report

Our new Category Overview Report helps demonstrate compliance standards to auditors. By using this report, Administrators can view, at a glance, the overall adoption levels for content across all of your Organisational Categories within MyCompliance alongside our template categories for standards ISO27001 and PCI DSS.

The interactive report allows administrators to drill down into a filtered view of the Overview Report, showing the completion stats against the content that the categories have been assigned to. View more.

What's New in MyCompliance?


Campaign Schedule Report

As users can be added to Campaigns at various stages, it can be difficult to determine when they will receive the email notifications. This report specifies the expected date/ time that the platform will send the Campaign email to each individual user.

You may find this particularly useful when tracking when new employees will receive their Campaign emails. View More.

What's New in MyCompliance?