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Happy Holidays!

As we wrap up 2021, we’re excited to end the year with a jam-packed release! This includes brand-new eLearning content, seasonal phishing templates, and new product features.

Cyber scams are a persistent problem for organisations all year round, however, there is a steep increase in scams during the holiday season. 

To help your organisation to stay safe and secure this holiday season, MetaCompliance has created a bank of holiday Security Awareness Training resources, including posters, screensavers and infographics to increase vigilance during the most wonderful time of year.


eLearning Library Updates


New GDPR eLearning Series Coming Soon!

Since its introduction in 2018, the GDPR regulation has evolved to ensure the continuous protection of UK citizens’ personal data, post Brexit. To reflect these changes, our refreshed GDPR eLearning series will deliver up-to-date and informative training to employees about the current regulations and how to ensure compliance. With a focus on the UK’s specific privacy requirements, the training comprises of 11 sharp and engaging nano videos, and 6 informative interactions, due to launch from January.  

New Nano: How Cybercriminals Use the Information you Share Online

We all share a lot of information online, but with every picture posted, and status updated, we reveal details about our work and private life. Once cybercriminals gather this data, their next step is to launch a targeted attack.  

This new Nano title helps to educate users about how to keep themselves and their organisation safe online. This title is available in 16 languages including, French, German, and Spanish.

What's New in MyCompliance?


Provide useful feedback to users about their performance within a quiz


Report malicious emails directly within Gmail mailbox


Increase vigilance amongst users by adding your own custom phish domains


Stay up to date with our product roadmap, using the ‘coming soon’ panel

Holiday Awareness Resources

New Nano: A Ransomware Tale

Ransomware attacks can cripple any organisation, even Santa’s workshop! Keep your organisation safe from cyber threats this holiday season by educating employees about the dangers of ransomware and how to avoid it. Don’t allow hackers to spoil the most wonderful time of year!

Holiday Season Phishing Templates

December is a time of festive cheer, celebrations and…cybercrime. Check out our latest collection of phishing templates to help educate your staff about the common tactics used by cybercriminals during the holiday hacking season. These templates are based on current trends and offers from leading brands, including PlayStation and Spotify.

Holiday Security Awareness Training Resources

With users focused on festive activities, cybercriminals often take advantage of lowered defences and holiday distractions to launch cyber attacks. Download our bank of holiday Security Awareness Training resources to help your organisation stay cyber safe this holiday season and educate your users on best practice behaviours.

Maintenance Announcement


Latest Microsoft Update For Office 365 Customers May Impact Phishing Simulations

Microsoft is currently rolling out a new update to all Office 365 customers which may require a change to your existing whitelisting rules. This update is important to ensure the successful delivery of any simulated phishing emails.

If this change is not applied, there is a risk that MetaPhish emails could be marked as ‘junk’ or may be rejected by your mail server.

We are currently working with Microsoft to improve the Advanced Delivery functionality for phishing simulations for our customers. To configure Advanced Delivery for phishing simulations, click ‘read more’.

Upcoming Webcasts


Incident Management: Controlling the Chaos

Date: 25/11/21 15:00 GMT

The aftermath of a cyber attack can be chaotic.

By reinstating normal operations as quickly as possible, organisations can limit the damage when an attack occurs.

Join us for our upcoming webcast with Sarah Armstrong-Smith – Microsoft Chief Security Officer, titled ‘Incident Management: Controlling the Chaos’. This 40-minute webcast will explore what organisations should do to help them stand in good stead after a cyber attack occurs.

Did You Know?

Phish remediation

Automatically Target Phish Clickers with a Phish Remediation Course

The phish remediation feature allows admins to automatically issue users who have clicked a phish with a phish remediation course or an additional phishing simulation.

By providing users with point-of-need learning experiences, employee retention of key messaging can be improved, to help users avoid future phishing attempts.

Learn how you can easily add phish remediations to your new or existing campaigns.

Meet The Team

What is your favorite eLearning Nano and why?

My favourite Nano title is Secure Video ConferencingIt opened my eyes to vulnerabilities with remote working and how to mitigate riskAs organisations adjusted to the “new” normal due to the impact of the pandemic, this video was, and is still, very relevant. The detail is very interesting and educational, and the message is delivered in a simple and effective manner.


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